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Disability Bowls


The sport of lawn bowls encourages and supports players of all abilities.

Bowls Queensland has been deliberately proactive in promoting the accessibility and desirability of the sport for all.

It is not by chance Bowls Queensland has won two consecutive state awards for being the most inclusive sport in Queensland for people with a disability.

Bowls Queensland works closely and willingly with Sports Connect, which supports sports and recreation organisations to develop sustainable inclusion policies and programmes.

In conjunction with Sports Connect, Bowls Queensland helps organise and promote an annual State Multi-Disability Championship.

These championships grow in size and popularity each year, bringing together some of the best disability bowlers in the state to play against their peers.

Each of the individual disability organisations conduct their own games and championships during the year, but they agree to play their state titles, under the auspices of Bowls Queensland, and their various representative bodies, like Deaf Lawn Bowls Queensland, Queensland Blind Bowls Association, Lifestream Bowls Queensland, and Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association Queensland.

Disability bowls will be a category for the first time this year at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Out of four disability bowlers chosen to compete, two are Queenslanders, world champion blind bowler Joy Forster and Australian champion disabled (amputee) bowler Tony Bonnell.

While disability bowls has its own competition pathway, it is also a very conducive sport for disability bowlers to play alongside able-bodied bowlers, both socially and competitively, at local bowls clubs.

Disability bowlers are welcomed in general competition and invited to be part of the mix at any time to play for selection to represent their club, district or state . 

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