Men’s Series came down to the wire

by admin on June 12, 2013

The Queensland men lose the Series to NSW 1-2 The Queensland men have succumbed to the Blues in a Test Series that went down to the wire.
For the men, it all came down to the third test and despite a strong fight from the maroons, they fell short by six shots to lose 51-57.
Nathan Rice had a rink win against Mark Casey, 19-17, while Alex Murtagh and Shane Garvey had a draw, but Kelvin Kerkow fell to Aron Sherriff 15-23.
In the second Test the men cleaned up with two rink wins (Rice and Kerkow) to win the Test 53-43, while in the first Test they fell short by seven shots 51-58 with just one rink win from Alex Murtagh.
Player Robbie Wild said going into the third Test the men knew they had a fight on their hands.
“We knew it would come right down to the wire and that’s what it was,” he said.
“We weren’t too far off the win, but it just didn’t happen.”
Wild said after losing the first Test, the Queenslanders were under the pump to win the second to give them a fighting chance.
“It was do or die in the second Test and it was good to come out and square the series up.”
The Toowoomba weather certainly put on its best with rain, wind, sun and the occasional blanket of fog that would engulf the greens.
Wild said everyone was cold and wet, but they had a great time.
“It’s the first time I’ve played in the clouds,” he laughed.
Anthony Kiepe was named Queensland playerof the series.