Clean sweep in test series

by admin on July 27, 2013

QLD defeats WA 3-0 Queensland was determined to follow through on its 2-0 test dominance with a clean sweep and that’s what the team delivered in WA tonight.
Queensland women had something to prove, after going down to WA at Australian Sides in May.
Queensland men won at Australian Sides and they wanted to keep their edge.
The men had to fight much harder than the women in the first half of the final test.
At 24 ends, the women were up 31-17.
At 25 ends, the men were down one, 16-17 to WA.
The second half of the final test was a different story, with the men coming back to be up-14 at 50 ends, 45-31.
The women also had a comfortable lead going into the final straight, at 48 ends, up 54-40.
When the 63 ends were up, both men and women had secured their clean sweep in the final test, women 64-52, men 60-41.
Queensland won the 2013 QLD V WA test series, 3-0.
The women won 63-47 (Test 1), 67-65 (Test 2), 64-52 (Test 3).
The men won 62-44 (Test 1), 59-51 (Test 2), 60-41 (Test 3).
“Very happy with the women’s show against WA, the team stuck to the game-plan, achieved a solid test victory, and we look forward to performances in the future,”Queensland high performance coach Bill Cornehls said from Western Australia tonight.
“As for the men, again, another solid performance, the test series was tight and our boys kept grinding away to secure a good win, everyone did their job and played as a team.”
TEST 3 Results
Women: QLD 64 – 52 WA
L Witton 21 def T Hastings 19
T Foster 15 def by N Abe 23
L Clarke 28 def K Krstic 10
Men: QLD 60 – 41 WA
B Wilkie 23 def J Slavich 12
A Murtagh 21 def A Provest 18
N Rice 16 def T Mitchell 11
The Queensland team against WA was:
Kristy Thatcher, Bolivia Millerick, Charlie Harkness, Lynsey Clarke (skip)
Sue Brady, Yvonne Lovelock, Christina Pavlov, Tracey Foster (skip)
Natasha Jones, Emma Brown, Pamela Rowe, Louise Witton (skip)
Mark Thatcher, Sean Ingham, Anthony Fantini, Nathan Rice (skip)
Darren Mullens, Des Cann, Robert Wild, Alex Murtagh (skip)
Dean McWhinney, Anthony Kiepe, Sean Baker, Brett Wilkie (skip)