QLD turn it on for Tuesday morning

by admin on October 1, 2013

Four from four, QLD U-18s return to form The disappointment of day one soon ebbed away as Queensland’s young bowlers beat a determined South Australian Tuesday morning.
Queensland hope, April Wilson beat Tamzin Jenke 21-18 in the girls singles putting yesterday’s heartbreak behind her.
Monday’s sole Queensland victor, Braidan Leese, continued his winning run with partner Stephen Savage in the boys pairs. They saw off the gritty duo of James Bodnar and Charlie Birnie 22-16.
Cohen Liftin, Brendan Wilson and Nic Gosley continued the success with a comprehensive 24-12 victory over South Australia’s Tyson Wilson, Marc Scott and Joshua Studham combination.
A clean sweep was secured as the girls fours, Connie-Leigh Rixon, Taleah Putney, Rikki-Lee Kemp and Kali Visentin, all contributed to a great morning with a 24-12 triumph over their SA counterparts, Jacqui Bowman, Hayley Woolfitt, Lynsey Trenorden and Carly Otterpoor
Boys singles and fours along with the girls pairs and triples take place this afternoon. This gives our young bowlers the chance to gain some more points and pride before heading into a showdown with Tasmania tomorrow.
Round 2 – Tuesday, October 1: 9:00am and 12:30pm AWST.
Boys Singles – 12:30pm
Owen Short (NT) df Dylan Skinner (NSW) 21-16
Trent Britton (ACT) df David Downey (WA) 21-10
Michael Sims (TAS) df Troy Mansbridge (VIC) 21-12
Braidan Leese (QLD) df Charlie Birnie (SA) 21-15
Girls Singles – 9:00am
Chloe Stewart (VIC) df Aquis Jones (TAS) 21-6
Ellen Ryan (NSW) df Shae Smith (NT) 21-12
Elizabeth Allen (WA) df Jessica Hogan (ACT) 21-10
April Wilson (QLD) df Tamzin Jenke (SA) 21-18
Boys Pairs – 9:00am
G Jeans, D Skinner (NSW) df M Simpson, O Short (NT) 31-17
S Savage, B Leese (QLD) df J Bodnar, C Birnie (SA) 22-16
J Appleyard, M Sims (TAS) df J Christie, J Corless (VIC) 22-8
M McQueen, T Britton (ACT) df C Biddle, R Philpott (WA) 22-11
Girls Pairs – 12:30pm
D Hayman, J-L Worsnop (NSW) df S Woodhouse, L Kingsley (NT) 46-4
C Sylvester, C Stewart (VIC) df A Jones, J Walker (TAS) 26-9
J Hogan, K Steele (ACT) df E Allen, D Cant (WA) 13-12
A Wilson, T Putney (QLD) df C Otterspoor, T Jenke (SA) 15-13
Boys Triples – 9:00am
J Davis, L Jones, C Wedlock (NSW) df T Chambers, J Clayfield, J Hamilton (NT) 28-5
T Mansbridge, J Bye-Norris, N Lynch (VIC) df T Male, J Lording, K Walker (TAS) 27-11
C Litfin, B Wilson, N Gosley (QLD) df T Wilson, M Scott, J Studham (SA) 24-12
W Neilson, D Nicholls, D Downey (WA) df J Marquet, B Spaven, F O’Shaughnessy (ACT) 23-7
Girls Triples – 12:30pm
S Noronha, E Ryan, N Noronha (NSW) df K Blair, M Philpott, S Smith (NT) 35-6
N Russell, E Rigoni, T Morison (VIC) df M Gibson, F Webster, H Keen (TAS) 16-12
K Ainsworth, A Axford, G Cant (WA) df J Blunden, E Lawrence, J Locke (ACT) 25-7
J Bowman, H Woolfitt, L Trenorden (SA) df C-L Rixon, K Visentin, R-L Kemp (QLD) 16-14
Boys Fours – 12:30pm
J Davis, G Jeans, L Jones, C Wedlock (NSW) df T Chambers, M Simpson, J Clayfield, J Hamilton (NT) 37-11
W Neilson, R Philpott, C Biddle, D Nicholls (WA) df J Marquet, B Spaven, M McQueen, F O’Shaughnessy (ACT) 22-16
C Litfin, S Savage, B Wilson, N Gosley (QLD) df T Wilson, M Scott, J Bodnar, J Studham (SA) 22-20
J Christie, J Bye-Norris, N Lynch, J Corless (VIC) df J Appleyard, T Male, J Lording, K Walker (TAS) 24-12
Girls Fours – 9:00am
S Noronha, J-L Worsnop, D Hayman, N Noronha (NSW) df S Woodhouse, K Blair, L Kingsley, M Philpott (NT) 26-6
K Ainsworth, A Axford, G Cant, D Cant (WA) df J Blunden, E Lawrence, J Locke, K Steele (ACT) 16-13
C-L Rixon, T Putney, R-L Kemp, K Visentin (QLD) df J Bowman, H Woolfitt, L Trenorden, C Otterspoor (SA) 24-12
C Sylvester, N Russell, E Rigoni, T Morison (VIC) df M Gibson, J Walker, F Webster, H Keen (TAS) 25-17