There’s something about Mary!

by admin on October 13, 2013

State Mixed Pairs champs 2013 span the ages Mary Ross, 84, and Jacob Nelson, 14, are State Mixed Pairs champions for 2013.
They were the crowd favourites this weekend at Broadbeach Bowls Club and popular winners.
It’s not too often the age gap between a winning combo at state level is seven decades.
But the “brilliance” of Mary and the dynamism of Jacob became a combustible force and swept all before them.
“Mary was brilliant, there’s no other word for it,” Jacob said.
“She is so supportive, an amazing mentor.”
There’s no doubt Mary is a inspiration to the talented Year 10 student and he respects her judgement.
In the sixth end of the final, Mary had the crowd in stitches when she signaled a halt in play, just as Jacob was about to send down his final bowl.
She called her skip up to the head so he could cast his eyes on their four-bowl advantage, then deft of hand, she whipped the final bowl out of his hand, so he couldn’t play it.
Jacob enjoyed the trick as much as the crowd, the pair’s mutual respect and good humour as admirable as their canny bowls’ placements.
The pair were “rapt” and “over-the-moon” to win their first State Mixed Pairs title.
They had an enthusiastic cheer squad from Cleveland Bowls Club on hand to cheer every point and celebrate their win.
The pair had only about “one day’s practise” together before they decided to contest this year’s Mixed Pairs but what a show they put on during their blazing trajectory through club, district and zone group competitions in the lead-up to State Mixed Pairs.
Congratulations Mary and Jacob!
Runners-up Jenny Blencowe from Geebung Bowls Club and Keith Donaldson from Hamilton Bowls Club said the Mary-Jacob combination was too potent for them on the day, despite having played extremely well themselves to get into the final.
Keith made a decision to concede with six ends up his sleeve, when the score was 25-7 after 15 ends.
“I would have needed to win by an average of three on each end and I just wasn’t playing well enough today,” Keith said.
BQ chairman Ron Chambers presented the prizes.
Thanks to BQ Umpire John Dawson and Match commitee’s Ron Somerville and Colleen Ryan for the following results:
Bowls Results
Special Events
State Mixed Pairs Championships
Broadbeach Saturday/Sunday 12-13 October 2013
Section 1
D Petersen/S Greentree (Downs) 31 def CWilliamson/R Harmsworth (Leichhardt) 8
D Victor/K Deegan (TFNQ) 12 def by M Ross/JNelson (Gateway) 21
Section 2
J Blencowe/K Donaldson (Bris. Nth) 17 def by S Warr/B Coombes (Cent. Qld) 19
W Jamieson/N Jamieson (Fraser Coast) 15 def by Y Turner/T Thomson (Cunningham) 20
Section 1
D Petersen/S Greentree (Downs) 24 def D Victor/K Deegan (TFNQ) 22
C Williamson/R Harmsworth (Leichhardt) 13 def by M Ross/J Nelson (Gateway) 18
Section 2
J Blencowe/K Donaldson (Bris. Nth) 24 def WJamieson/N Jamieson (Fraser Coast) 10
S Warr/B Coombes (Cent. Qld) 17 def by Y Turner/T Thomson (Cunningham) 22
Section 1
D Petersen/S Greentree (Downs) 15 def by MRoss/J Nelson (Gateway) 20
C Williamson/R Harmsworth (Leichhardt) 19 drew D Victor/K Deegan (TFNQ) 19
Section 2
J Blencowe/K Donaldson (Bris. Nth) 22 def Y Turner/T Thomson (Cunningham) 13
S Warr/B Coombes (Cent. Qld) 14 def by WJamieson/N Jamieson (Fraser Coast) 25
M Ross/J Nelson (Gateway) 25 def J Blencowe/K Donaldson (Brisbane Nth) 7