Rice and Wilson set the pace

by admin on November 7, 2013

Other stars fail to shine in Open qualifying Carmen Anderson and Julie Keegan lived up to their billing as one of the toughest pairs on the greens as they waltzed through as undefeated section winners.
The Millerick Twins also showed why they are a dangerous duo as they took their section. Other winners were Karen Goldsworthy and Lynn Long, who comfortably won all three matches, and Sophie Young with Maria Rigby with two wins and a bye all they needed to progress.
Round one started at 8.30am and saw Andersen and Keegan triumph 15-5 over Ann-Maree Peart and Ellen Joselin. A bye in the next round and Tulu Chippendale and Faye Clarke’s win against Peart and Joselin meant all to play for in the third game, but the early favourites came out on top 17-6.
Cassandra and Boliva Millerick beat young Kiani Andersen paired with Sue McKenzie, 16-6, but were beaten 17-10 buy a spirited Howard and Wood-Bradley combination. Come the third round there was no mistaking their class as the twins comfortably beat Debbie Logan and Christine Baxter 17-8.
Goldsworthy and Long took on Tinie Pearce and Marie Lipp first up and strolled to a 14-6 victory, and followed it up by humbling Retchless and Smith 21-3. Domination continued with a 19-8 victory against McGarry and Dimmick.
Selina Goddard and Christina Pavlov took on Michaela Bailey-Nelson and Madison Styles and ran out 20-9 victors. They met Evelyn Stacey and Elizabeth McCleary next but lost 16-10. In a close final game Bailey-Nelson and Styles lost 15-13 to Stacey and McCleary, who play off with Emma Brown and Noelene Dutton later this eveing.
Brown and Dutton overcame McClure and Wilson is a very close contest, 13-12, then beat team Dymnycz 21-8 before disposing of Jessie Cotteral and Judith Blacker 29-5.
In the Mens pairs Rohan Wilson and Nathan Rice made the post section with some outstanding bowls, taking three wins from three. Dean McWhinney and Paul Girdler also went through undefeated despite an early scare.
Queensland’s young star, Braidan Leese and his partner Sam White also went through with three from three.
Rohan Wilson and Australian rep Nathan Rice put on a display of sensational bowls to beat White and Foster 18-3, De Jongh and Pearson 14-9 and Goodridge and McDonald 26-5 as they sailed into tomorrow’s post sectional.
After a close 11-9 victory, McWhinney and Girdler soon got into their stride with a 21-7 win against Achzehn and Austin, then a fine 22-4 over Muir and Whittaker.
Trevor Wright and Michael O’Leary went through in a tight section, which included a team withdrawal. Jon Bosisto and John Millington after two wins and a bye, Ricky Melia and Jason Curry plus Neil Peach and Wayne Masters progressed after two wins and a loss, Bryce Litfin and Nic Gosley joined Leese and White with three wins helping them through. Dean Merlo and Brett Merkel also went through with two wins and a bye. As did Geoff Jensen and John Fern who progressed from Des Cann and Brett Wilkie’s section.