Hayden’s Hat-trick

by admin on April 11, 2014

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A scintillating display of bowls saw Hayden Vogler skip Mitchell Mears, Thomas Young and 10 year old Jake Rynne, gained top placing in Section Three after their 3-0 whitewash of all comers at the State Junior Fours Championships held at Broadbeach in ideal conditions.

After a first round victory Vogler was confident heading into the next game against his friend Jacob Nelson.

“It’ll be hard but we’re a good team. There’s no egos here, we work well.”

Nelson on the other hand felt his unit were unlucky.

“We’re not dropping more than two shots each end, but we’re not really placing our shots right,” the Cleveland bowler confessed.

A first round draw, courtesy of a five shot rescue, was evidence Nelson’s team would be up against it.

Nelson then lost to Vogler and drew his third match, 12-12 with Paul Kajewski.

Braidan Leese lead Joel Anderson, Mitchell Styles and Stephen Savage to a triple triumph with a formidable 3-0 performance.

“We’re playing well,” said Queensland rep Leese, “We’re putting the bowls just right.”

There was no doubting their superiority, a 13-2 lead after six ends in the second game hammering home their overall dominance.

Also finishing the day with 100% record was Cohen Litfin, coming through 16-6, 18-5 and 15-10.

He was expertly supported by April Wilson, Jesse Turnbull and younger brother, Bryce.

“Bryce just needs to read it a little better but April has been playing awesome,” Litfin commented after a Round Two demolition of Lachlan Grantz’s side, 18-5.

But he was taking nothing for granted.

“We’ve won two but I want three out of three.” 

Elsewhere Nic Gosley also lead his outfit to three victories, seeing off teams lead by Nicky Cahill,  Daniel Keogh and Shervawn Wilson.

In Section Five, Brittanny Wiley took her side into the Post Sectional after two wins, beating Josh Anderson and Alexander Harman.

Anderson felt he could have done better.

“I’m just not getting it right.”

Wiley on the other hand felt her previous form would bode well.

“I’ve had a good year, I think we can do well,” she said before her team took to the rink.

But come the Post Sectional, the two wins were a distant memory as Nic Gosley, skipping Connie-Leigh Rixon, Taleah Putney and Brendan Wilson, saw off Wiley, 27-8, bringing the curtain down on an exhilarating, and long, day’s play.

The Fours semis and final will take place on Monday at Broadbeach, where the pairs gets underway tomorrow at 9 a.m.


State Junior Open Fours Championships

Round 1

Section 1: C Litfin 16 def D McWhinney-Shillington 6; L Grantz 7 def by C Clarke 20

Section 2: K Morgan 12 def by B Leese 17; A Bellert 10 def by J Cribbin 21

Section 3: J Nelson 16 drew K Visentin 16; H Vogler 21def P Kajewski 10

Section 4: N Cahill 5 def by N Gosley 22; S Wilson 12 def by D Keogh 25

Section 5: Joshua Andersen 10 def by A Harman 16


Round 2

Section 1: C Litfin 18 def L Grantz 5; D McWhinney-Shillington 27; def C Clarke 5

Section 2: K Morgan 14; def by A Bellert 17; B Leese 19 def J Cribbin 8;

Section 3: J Nelson 6 def by H Vogler 15; K Visentin 12 def by P Kajewski 15

Section 4: N Cahill 14 def S Wilson 9; N Gosley 23 def D Keogh 8

Section 5: Joshua Andersen 10 def by B Wiley 13


Round 3

Section 1: C Litfin 15 def C Clarke 10; D McWhinney-Shillington 22 def L Grantz 4

Section 2: K Morgan 9 def by J Cribbin 16; B Leese 28 def A Bellert 4

Section 3: J Nelson 12 drew P Kajewski 12; K Visentin 10 def by H Vogler 12

Section 4: N Cahill 10 def by D Keogh 21; N Gosley 17 def S Wilson 10

Section 5: A Harman 4 def by B Wiley 15


Post Sectional

Nic Gosley 27 def Brittany Wylie 8

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