Sunshine Coast bumps rivals

by admin on May 9, 2014

District Sides 2014, Division One Finals, Round 2
WINS to Gold Coast Tweed, Sunshine Coast (MEN)
WINS to Cunningham, Bundaberg (WOMEN) Gold Coast is top of the Division One Men’s table, going into the final round of District Sides with two wins today. 
Bundaberg is top of the Division One Women’s table, going into finals round 3, also with two wins. 
Gold Coast Tweed Men are on two wins, Sunshine Coast is on one win, Bundaberg and Cunningham on one draw each.
In Round 2, Gold Coast Tweed had an impressive win over Bundaberg, 80-49.
Sunshine Coast had a thriller over Cunningham, this time not on the winning side.
Cunningham dropped five on the final end, allowing Sunshine Coast to seize an upset win, by one shot, 62-61.
Bundaberg have bundled out two rivals on the way to District Sides glory.
In Round 2, Bundaberg took the early running and despite a dogged chase by Sunshine Coast, the northern girls hung on, for a one shot win, 46-45, giving them top of the table status.
Cunningham defeated Mackay 58-47.
(PIC:  Bundaberg men on song, Round 2, Finals Day, District Sides 2014)