Two-timing women

by admin on May 9, 2014

Gold Coast Tweed win in men’s championship Sunshine Coast women have won District Sides for the second year in a row, in an upset win over Bundaberg.
The turtle paradise girls went into the final round as table leaders but mid-match, Sunshine Coast started to play their way back into contention.
“Sunshine Coast could come through here,” match director Ron Somerville said.
“If Bundaberg go down by 3 to Mackay, and Sunshine Coast keep at least a margin of 3 over Cunningham, Sunshine Coast will go through…”
And that’s what happened, Bundaberg falling at the final hurdle.
“It’s unreal, our second District Sides title, it’s fantastic and amazing,” said Emma Brown, No 2 in Marilyn Emmerton’s undefeated rink.
(Emmerton’s rink scored 10 wins and 2 draws in 12 matches for Sunshine Coast.)
BQ board director and Sunshine Coast manager Margaret Vincent was all smiles after the dogged comeback.
“I walked away for a few minutes during Round 2 and suddenly we were losing,” Vincent said.
“But what a wonderful comeback,these girls deserve it.”
There was a “big birthday” on Day One of District Sides for Sunshine Coast skip Louise Witton (just don’t ask her if she plans to play Over 60s any time soon!)
The Division One win is just the birthday present she was hoping for!
Gold Coast Tweed are 2014 District Sides champions.
Manager Bob Mullins gave a very well received acceptance speech.
“The winners are all of us, we’ll go home with the trophy, but we are all winners, we’ve enjoyed your company very much,:” Mullins said.
“We’ll be back next year and we’d love to see you all again.”
Graeme Shillington gave the wag’s speech of the night.
“It’s been an honour organising this side,” Shillo said.
“They haven’t bitched, they haven’t whinged, except they didn’t like their jackets, they didn’t like the lunch, the scores were wrong, fix it Shillo.
“What would have happened if I wasn’t here?”
Congratulations to both Sunshine Coast women and Gold Coast Tweed men, District Sides Champions 2014 (pictured).