Blundstone Melbourne Roys firing up at APL02

by admin on November 18, 2014

Day two has seen a number of changes to the ladder with Murray Steamers and New Zealand Blackjacks leading the way

Blundstone Melbourne Roys have been the big movers of day two having now strung four wins together to move into the fourth place.

Under 25 world champion Dylan Fisher, Australian Jackaroo Matthew Flapper and Scottish International Graeme Archer have hit their straps and are now right in contention to qualify for Friday’s finals.

The Roys started their run last night with their first victory against the Perth Suns live on FOX SPORTS, then today have continued their run with victories over Brisbane Gold, Murray Steamers and Gold Coast Hawks.

The tournament favourites Murray Steamers have the kiwi’s hot on their heels equal on wins at the top of the table. 

The TOWER New Zealand Blackjacks suffered their only loss against the Steamers in round two and the Murray Steamers went on to win six games on the trot before they came up against the in form Melbourne Roys. 

A top of the table clash in round nine will provide the tournament with an outright leader and bring a front runner back to the rest of the field. 

The Sydney Lions broke the hoodoo of 12 tie-break losses in a row when they won back to back games against the sunshine states franchises’ Gold Coast Suns and hometown heroes Brisbane Gold.

Defending APL01 champions Brisbane Gold haven’t achieved their desired start in APL02 lagging up the rear of the competition but vow to get back on track. 

Perth Suns were semi-finalist in APL01 and started the day inside the top four, however a tough start to day two have sent them back out of the top four and in search of their first victory on day two. 

Round nine match ups will see Murray Steamers v TOWER New Zealand Blackjacks, XXXX Brisbane Gold v Messenger News Adelaide Endurance, BCiB Sydney Lions v Blundstone Melbourne Roys and Solargain Perth Suns v Gold Coast Hawks.

Live on FOX SPORTS 2 from 5.00pm AEST tonight is another 5 hours of live bowls with guest commentary from APL players and coaches.