Two shots at title for first time finalists

by admin on November 28, 2015

South Toowoomba men and Bramble Bay women will play off against a mightily-thrilled Broadbeach, finalists in both the men’s and women’s Divi 1 State Pennant final, first time for the Bulls. The 2015 Division One State Pennant Final is underway at Bribie Island Bowls Club, with Broadbeach chasing their first Division 1 state pennant flag in the history of the competition.
And they’re playing a double bunger, with both men and women winning through, to the thrill of Bulls manager Colleen Gilbert.
“We were disappointed Robbie Thompson and Ryan Bester were unable to play for us, Robbie had family commitments and Ryan is playing for Canada at Asia Pacific, but we’ve come through, with Robbie Allen and Chris McKibbin in their spots, we’ve dug deep and we’re through in both the men’s and women’s comp, it’s very exciting,” Gilbert said.

The men’s South Toowoomba team is the only one with previous State Pennant Finals form, finishing as runners up in 2011, whether or not this will be an advantage against the strong Broadbeach outfit, only time will tell.
Amongst the Broadbeach women’s ranks is young Jessie Cottell who is making history as the youngest player to compete in a Division One State Pennant final.

The 15-year-old lead said the experience had been “absolutely brilliant”.
“I just can’t believe it, I knew we would have a good chance with such a brilliant team, but it’s still unbelievable to be this close,” Cottell said.
Meanwhile Bramble Bay skip Natasha Jones, playing in her first Pennant final and with a new club, said she knows “a few little tricks” about the greens at Bribie (her former club).
“We were up and down in the rounds, but solid across the board, we just need to be consistent in the finals,” she said.
How they finished in ROUND 3:
Section 1 Bramble Bay, Townsville Suburban, Yeppoon, Souths Suburban Mackay
Section 2 Broadbeach, Club Kawana, West Toowoomba, Ferny Grove.
Section 1 South Toowoomba, Souths Suburban Mackay, Gladstone, Cutheringa Townsville
Section 2 Broadbeach, Pine Rivers, Coolum Beach, Ferny Grove.

Section 1
Souths Suburban 40 def by Bramble Bay 73
(Dal MacKelvie 10 def by Maria Rigby 30; Dealia Walsh 15 def by Natasha Jones 20; Flos Keft 15 def by Ester Regan 23)
Yeppoon 56 def by Townsville Suburban 61
(Ellie Batts 17 def Christine Robinson 14; Joan Strohfeldt 20 def by Rhonda Tawse 23; Laurel Barnes 19 def by Lesley Watson 24)
Section 2
Club Kawana 53 def by Ferny Grove 68
(Jane Bush 17 def by Sue Bond 22; Julie Keegan 11 def by Darlene Ferry 25; Louise Witton 25 def by Kerry Meehan 21)
Broadbeach 71 def West Toowoomba 58
(Christina Pavlov 24 def Tracy Foster 21; Dee Robertson 20 def by Imelda Brumpton 21; Mel Larcombe 27 def Lorraine Callaghan 16)
Section 1
Souths Suburban 72 def Cutheringa 62
(Raymond Kurtz 28 def Mark Edwards 18; Alan Howard 23 def Wayne Edwards 21; Peter Balderson 21 def by Glen Atfield 23)
South Toowoomba 65 def Gladstone 49
(Shaun Kiepe 16 def by Damien Rideout 22; Chris Kiepe 33 def Peter Pershouse 7; Trevor Briese 16 def by Micheal Sorrensen 20)
Section 2
Coolum Beach 45 def by Pine Rivers Memorial 72
(Troy Somerville 9 def by Robbie Wild 31; Shane Burke 22 def Kurt Brown 17; Fred Diamond 14 def by Alex Murtagh 24)
Broadbeach 68 def Ferny Grove 37
(Sean Ingham 19 def John Jones 13; Kevin Anderson 19 def Paul Jones 14; Ryan Burnett 30 def Ed Boxall 10)