BQ has a new chairman

by admin on March 22, 2016

New BQ chairman is Peter Williamson from Carina Leagues, deputy chairman is Kerry Green from Laidley, and Greg Flynn from Enoggera returns as director of finance. Bowls Queensland has a new chairman.

Peter Williamson from Carina Leagues Club was appointed to the chair at today’s AGM by a vote of delegates from 21 BQ districts.
The new deputy chairman is Kerry Green from Laidley Bowls Club.
Mr Green was overseas and was not at the AGM.
Incumbent director of finance Greg Flynn from Enoggera Bowls Club was re-elected to the executive.
The two directors to be voted on to the Board this year are incumbent Colleen Ryan from Club Helensvale, to serve a second term, and Carmel Gibb, also from Club Helensvale, successful at her first attempt to join the Board.

Mrs Gibb was not at the AGM.
The new Board members in attendance at the AGM met briefly today and the chairman has called his first full Board meeting for next month.
Mr Williamson has been president at Carina Leagues and Gateway District.
He started his working life in the Navy, and later moved into the petrochemicals industry.

He said he feels up to tackling the challenges facing bowls as a sport.

“I wanted the job because I wanted an active plan for the future of bowls and I’m looking forward to understanding what’s required and getting on with the job,” Mr Williams said after today’s AGM.
“I’m very aware I’ve got to talk to the districts and listen to the issues so we can move the sport forward together.”

Chairman John Dawson and deputy chairman Ron Mitchell offered themselves for a second term “to continue the work started” in their first term but they did not get the vote.

Directors Diana Wenham from Dalby and Allen Bennett from Souths Suburban Mackay were elected to the Board last year for a two year term, so they will be the hand of continuity on the new Board under Mr Williamson.

The new BQ board is: Peter Williamson (Chairman), Kerry Green (Deputy Chairman), Greg Flynn (Director of Finance), Diana Wenham (Director), Allen Bennett (Director), Colleen Ryan (Director), Carmel Gibb (Director).