Team events heat up!

by admin on June 19, 2017

It was a big day yesterday for competitors with three rounds of Women’s Fours, Men’s Pairs, Over-60s Men’s Pairs and Bowlers with a Disability; the last two of which commenced their Australian Open campaigns with sectional rubbers. (Pictured left: Defending Women’s Fours team of Tiffany Brodie, Amelia Bruggy, Georgia White and Chloe Stewart are on track for back-to-back titles in 2017.)

Story from Bowls Australia.

Defending Champions Tiffany Brodie, Amelia Bruggy, Georgia White and Chloe Stewart are on track for back-to-back titles after knocking out the South African internationals in the round of 16 yesterday and winning the quarter-final 12-7 over their New Zealand opponents to leave four teams in the hunt for the $12,000 prize.
They will meet a composite team from New South Wales skipped by Taren Points Bronwyn McPherson and her side of Claire Kelly, Christine Keep and Margaret Sheean, all of which are also competing in the Over-60s Women’s Pairs.
Karen Murphy’s Cabramatta side had a flawless day and will face Queensland State representative Louise Witton and her team from Coolum Beach Liza Burgess, Annie Magill and Marilyn Clayton in Wednesday’s semi-final at Club Helensvale.
For those closely following the results of the men’s pairs today, it was a case of huge match-up one after another, for three consecutive rounds of carnage.
The world’s best players were knocking each other out round after round, but we are still left with a quality field of 16 fighting it out for the ultimate prize.
Club Helensvale’s Brett Wilkie and Nathan Rice knocked out Ray Pearse and Jeremy Henry in the morning, followed by Paul Girdler and Shannon McIlroy (NZ) in the round of 64, but their great run came to an end when they faced off with 2015 Australian Open Pairs Champions Robbie Wild and Sean Baker.
Gary Willis and Mark McMahon were ruthless this yesterday morning against Australian Jackaroos Aaron Wilson and Aron Sherriff, however they weren’t able to replicate that performance in the afternoon against more Australian Jackaroos, with Wayne Ruediger and Scott Thulborn moving into the round of 16 to meet former runner-ups Braidan Leese and Sam White.
Former Australian Open Pairs Champions Gary Lawson and Ryan Bester are still in the hunt but will meet in form Tasmanian representative Lee Shraner and his partner Geoff Maskell; Bester’s drive is obviously on song with reports he broke a jack in half today at Robina.
Last year’s semi-finalist Mac McLean (Western Creek) and Andrew Howie (Club Helensvale) defeated World Fours Champions, New Zealand Blackjacks Michael Nagy and Blake Signal to set up a round of 16 clash with Australian Defence Force bowlers Phil Black and Sam Pryor.
The Over-60s Men’s Pairs is in full swing with the round of 64 knockouts taking place at Robina, Club Helensvale and Gold Coast Lawn today from 9.00am.
The Over-60s Women’s Pairs commences tomorrow at Robina, Southport, Burleigh Heads and Mermaid Beach and will no doubt be a hotly contested affair with a number of ladies already progressing deep into the women’s fours and singles competitions.
The full list of sectional winners and next best qualifiers for yesterday’s disciplines can be found below.
Over 60’s Men’s Pairs:
Winner Section 1: R. Hall (VIC), G. Kirk (VIC)
Winner Section 2: T. Crompton (QLD), G. Robbie (QLD)
Winner Section 3: B. Blakeway (QLD), L. Stahlhut (QLD)
Winner Section 4: W. Mitchell (QLD), G. Mitchell (QLD)
Winner Section 5: T. McRedmond (VIC), D. Laird (VIC)
Winner Section 6: I. Stone (NSW), S. Franklin (NSW)
Winner Section 7: E. Ruprecht (NSW), P. Schroeder (NSW)
Winner Section 8: G. Hewitt (NSW), R. Gurr (NSW)
Winner Section 9: D. Archer (NZ), B. McAuley (NZ)
Winner Section 10: D. Keating (QLD), S. Perica (WA)
Winner Section 11: R. Blanco (QLD), A. Newman (QLD)
Winner Section 12: B. Wallace (SA), C. Edmunds (SA)
Winner Section 13: J. Law (NSW), A. Gibbs (QLD)
Winner Section 14: A. Cook (QLD), T. Hilton (VIC)
Winner Section 15: B. Richards (VIC), P. Gawthorne (VIC)
Winner Section 16: V. Beram (NSW), R. Lewis (NSW)
Winner Section 17: G. Wakefield (NZ), B. Gibson (NZ)
Winner Section 18: E. Boxall (QLD), J. Wise (QLD)
Winner Section 19: B. Brennan (NSW), B. Ansett (SA)
Winner Section 20: P Leon (QLD), I. Warner (VIC)
Winner Section 21: G. Richardson (QLD), T. Lee (QLD)
Winner Section 22: C. Bray (QLD), A. Avakain (QLD)
Winner Section 23: G. Williams (NSW), P. Armstrong (NSW)
Winner Section 24: M. Stonham (NSW), G. Adnum (NSW)
Winner Section 25: K. Baynton (QLD), M. Tobin (QLD)
Winner Section 26: R. Elliot (NSW), P. McClellan (QLD)
Winner Section 27: J. Archer (NSW), P. Gray (NSW)
Winner Section 28: G. Lewis (QLD), K. Higson (QLD)
Winner Section 29: G. Feast (SA), T. Feast (SA)
Winner Section 30: D. Richardson (NSW), A. White (NSW)
Winner Section 31: M. Keith (NZ), T. Cockerill (NZ)
Winner Section 32: M. Waitai (QLD), J. Watkins (QLD)
Winner Section 33: C. Lowery (QLD), B. Andrews (QLD)
Winner Section 34: J. Rafton (QLD), R. Cresswell (QLD)
Winner Section 35: G. Ryan (Qld), J. Christian (NSW)
Winner Section 36: R. Nunn (QLD), G. Bailey (QLD)
Winner Section 37: T Ristic (Vic), G. Burkett (Vic)
Winner Section 38: P. Staggard Snr (QLD), R. Parella (QLD)
Winner Section 39: M. Brown (NSW), M. Beesley (NSW)
Winner Section 40: K. Green (QLD), F. Ellicot (QLD)
Winner Section 41: G. Saunders (VIC), G. Oats (VIC)
Winner Section 42: N. Mitchell (VIC), P. Mitchell (VIC)
Winner Section 43: S. Prasaad (NZ), L. Newman (NZ)
Winner Section 44: R. Asbury (NSW), B. Morton (QLD)
Winner Section 45: R. Dobinson (QLD), L. Delakis (QLD)
Winner Section 46: L. Nicholson (VIC), T. Downie (VIC)
Winner Section 47: R. Hunt (QLD), R. Edwards (QLD)
Winner Section 48: K. Koorey (QLD), G. Ianham (QLD)
NBQ 1: D. Lenden (QLD), A. Erskine (VIC)
NBQ 2: D. Milner (QLD), N. Wood-Bradley (QLD)
NBQ 3: S. Laguzza (NSW), R. Brassey (NSW)
NBQ 4: A. Walker (VIC), S. Pyers (VIC)
NBQ 5: G. Farley (QLD), P. Williams (QLD)
NBQ 6: R. Pickard (QLD), G. Hawkins (QLD)
NBQ 7: T. McCabe (NSW), J. Steward (NSW)
NBQ 8: L. Swift (QLD), N. Ridgewell (QLD)
NBQ 9: J. Brown (NSW), P. Brandon (QLD)
NBQ 10: L. Carrall (QLD), A. Keighley (QLD)
NBQ 11: C. Buccilli (VIC), P. Forrest (VIC)
NBQ 12: A. Graham (VIC), T. Hamilton (NSW)
NBQ 13: R. Westcott (VIC), R. Coulson (VIC)
NBQ 14: G. King (WA), G. Caffell (WA)
NBQ 15: D. Kleinhans (NSW), M. Jaffray (NSW)
NBQ 16: T. Forward (QLD), D. Grenfell (QLD)
Men’s Physical Disability:
Winner Section 1: J. Reynolds (NSW)
Winner Section 2: J. Barry (VIC)
Winner Section 3: M. Noble (NZL)
Winner Section 4: B. Wynks (NZL)
Winner Section 5: A. Reed (QLD)
Winner Section 6: J. Saunders (VIC)
Winner Section 7: K. Hanson (VIC)
Winner Section 8: A. Bonnell (QLD)
Winner Section 9: B. Sellars (QLD)
Winner Section 10: G. Skellern (NZL)
NBQ 1: R. Rombouts (NSW)
NBQ 2: D. Delgado (NSW)
NBQ 3: P. Plackett (NSW)
NBQ 4: L. Protopapas (VIC)
NBQ 5: K. Jang (KOR)
NBQ 6: C. Williams (QLD)
Women’s Physical Disability:
Winner Section 1: L. Bennett (NZL)
Winner Section 2: M. Campbell (NSW)
Intellectual Disability Mixed Singles:
Winner Section 1: A. Thompson (NSW)
Winner Section 2: N. Appleton (QLD)
Winner Section 3: J. Hosken (VIC)
NBQ 1: K. Ebert (QLD)
Vision Impaired Men’s Singles:
Winner Section 1: R. Hadley (NSW)
Winner Section 2: J. Fehlberg (QLD
Vision Impaired Women’s Singles:
Winner Section 1: J. Forster (QLD)
Winner Section 2: L. Seymour (QLD)
Hearing Impaired Mixed Singles:
Winner Section 1: J. Hogan (QLD)
Winner Section 2: D Reddick (QLD)
The last 16 of Men’s Pairs is as follows:
W. Mutzelburg (QLD), J. Andersen (QLD) v S. Massey (NSW), P. Watson (NSW)    
G. Lawson (NZ), R. Bester (QLD) v G. Maskell (QLD), L. Schraner (TAS)   
R. Thompson (QLD), K. Anderson (QLD) v J. Thornton (VIC), B. Lester (VIC)   
R. Wild (QLD), S. Baker (QLD) v S. Thorning (NSW), N. Wise (NSW)    
R. Bird (NZ), A. Turner (NZ) v P. Ward (QLD), B. Mitilinios (QLD)    
P. Black (ADF), S. Pryor (ADF) v M. McLean (ACT), A. Howie (QLD)   
P. Foster (UK), A. Marshall (SCO) v C. Wedlock (NSW), B. Johnson (NSW)   
W. Ruediger (SA), S. Thulborn (SA) v B. Leese (QLD), S. White (QLD)

For full results and fixtures visit the Australian Open website available below: