Final day of Aus Senior Sides

by admin on October 18, 2017

Queensland and Western Australia likely battle it out for the women’s trophy at the Australian Senior Sides Championships.

Today’s final round tomorrow will decide the outcome of the women’s side of the tournament, with Queensland and Western Australia likely to be the two teams battling it out for the trophy at the Australian Senior Sides Championships.

A win for Queensland over Victoria will seal victory given their superior rink point total, but the Westerners will be looking to pile the pressure on as they take on ACT.

Yesterday’s action saw the Queensland women rack up a brilliant 60-41 win over South Australia and leapfrogged into first position on the ladder, taking full advantage of the NSW surprise loss.

The clean sweep of the series was instrumented by Wendy Ryan emerging successful by 9 shots, while Louise Witton scored a seven-shot win and Christina Pavlov sneaked away with just two shots in her favour.

While in the men’s round five game Peter Gageler and his Croweater teammates upset the former ladder leading skip Geoff Maskell by the margin of 26-12.

In round six Queensland had a day out against Tasmania, winning five of their rinks across both the men’s and women’s contests after the men secured a close but significant 54-51 victory while the women trumped Tasmania 79-50.

Round Seven:

8:00 AM QLD v VIC

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Round five men’s results:
Victoria def New South Wales 67-48
Donaldson lost to Johnston 16-17, Ross def Lambourne 22-19, Jansen def Stone 29-12

Western Australia def Northern Territory 88-37
Caffell def Farrell 27-10, Ball lost to Fair 18-22, O’Neill def Parsonson 43-5

South Australia def Queensland 75-45
Harvey lost to Broadbent 19-20, Holtham def Jenkins 30-13, Gageler def Maskell 26-12

Tasmania def ACT 53-51
Docking def Deeves 19-21, Allford def Brookman 18-11, Manson lost to Taylor 21-14

Round five women’s results:
ACT def Tasmania 80-47
Clout def Saunders 22-15, Bannerman def Guy 32-12, Gillespie def Monson 26-20

Queensland def South Australia 60-41
Ryan def Caulfield 23-13, Witton def Richards 21-14, Pavlov def Treloar 16-14

Victoria def New South Wales 64-54
Miles lost to Glen 13-25, Tragardh def Quinlan 21-15, Edwards def Smith 30-14

Western Australia def Northern Territory 94-40
Abe def Bielek 29-23, Poletti def Tyrell 25-12, Baker def Garner 40-5

Round six men’s results:
New South Wales def Western Australia 70-41
Johnston def Caffell 20-13, Lambourne def Ball 28-12, Stone def O’Neil 22-16

Victoria def def Northern Territory 74-46
Donaldson def Farrell 33-10, Ross def Fair 19-18, Jansen def Parsonson 22-18

Queensland def Tasmania 54-51
Broadbent def Docking 18-13, Jenkins def Allford 23-11, Maskell lost to Manson 27-13

South Australia def Australian Capital Territory 69-63
Harvey lost to Deeves 24-21, Holtham def Brookman 27-21, Gageler def Taylor 21-18

Round six women’s results:
Western Australia def New South Wales 58-55
Abe lost to Glen 28-22, Poletti lost to Quinlan 21-13, Baker def Smith 23-6

Victoria def Northern Territory 83-39
Miles def Bielek 24-14, Tragardh def Tyrell 32-10, Edwards def Garner 27-15

Queensland def Tasmania 79-50
Ryan def Saunders 24-17, Witton def Guy 32-14, Pavlov def Monson 23-19

Australian Capital Territory def South Australia 68-62
Clout lost to Caulfield 28-24, Bannerman def Richards 22-18, Gillespie def Treloar 22-16