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by admin on October 21, 2017

State Champion of Club Champion FOURS, one men’s team (Paradise Point) and three women’s teams (Windsor, Wangaratta, Kawana) post dual wins on Day One. 2017 QLD Champion of Club Champion – State Final FOURS
Sat Oct 21 – Sun Oct 22, Mermaid Beach Bowls Club
BQ CEO Brett Wilkie is posting round results to BQ website and Facebook at the conclusion of each round.
Summary of Day One – Champion of Club Champion FOURS – By Naomi Cescotto  (Pictured left, Miriam Vale third Sam Lunck with team supporter Bob Beard.)

Day One Results Summary – MEN
Going into Day 2 in pole position in the STATE CHAMPION OF CLUB CHAMPION MEN’s FOURS is PARADISE POINT, representing Group 1.
This is not unexpected given they’ve already won the toughest Group spot, representing the competitive Gold Coast Tweed (and Cunningham) Districts.
MEN – Section 2
The Paradise Point Dolphins’ Alan Brough, Wayne Krohn, Sam Granata, and skip Eric Johannes (a former South African international) got to second base in their quest to win Section Two against Coolum Beach, Townsville Suburban and North Toowoomba.
The final round is this morning at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club (play starts 8.30am). The final between section winners will be held after a lunch break.
In other Section 2 results, both Coolum Beach (Terry Saravanos, Chris McDonald, Ross Ward, skip Mick Japundza) and Townsville Suburban (Mark Edwards, Ian Crichton, Mathew Clark, skip David Whiting) had wins today but North Toowoomba posted two losses, one of them a heartbreaker in the opening round against the section leader, a one shot-loss to Paradise Point, 20-21.
North Toowoomba is Jim Williams, Graham Elton, Greg James and Gavin Bradford, carrying the hopes of four districts (Group 3, Downs, Southern Downs, Condamine, Maranoa-Warrego).
Section 2 Summary
Townsville Suburban 23 def 15 Coolum Beach
Paradise Point 21 def 20 North Toowoomba
Coolum 29 def 22 North Tmba
Paradise Point 22 def 14 Townsville Sub
Win/Loss – Men’s Section Two – End of Day 1
Townsville Sub 1 win (8 shots), 1 loss (8 shots)
Coolum Beach 1 win (7 shots), 1 loss (8 shots)
Paradise Point 2 wins (1 shot, 8 shots)
North Toowoomba 2 losses (1 shot, 7 shots)  
MEN – Section One
Airlie Beach is floating on air after a sensational opening day in their debut performance at a state titles, against better known talent in the Bargara, Bribie Island, and Greenslopes teams.
The gold medal final opportunity for the winner of Section 1 is still wide open, with all four teams finishing the opening day on one win and one loss.
However debutante Airlie Beach (Group 7 Leichhardt & Mackay Districts) stood tallest posting the best margins, a win by 19 shots over Bribie, 31-12 and only a small two shot loss against Bargara, 18-20.
Section 1 Summary
Bribie 25 def 20 Greenslopes
Bargara 20 def 18 Airlie Beach
Greenslopes 24 def 16 Bargara
Airlie Beach 31 def 12 Bribie
Win/Loss – Men’s Section One – End of Day 1
Bribie 1 win (5 shots), 1 loss (19 shots)
Greenslopes 1 win (8 shots), 1 loss (5 shots)
Bargara 1 win (2 shots), 1 loss (8 shots)
Airlie Beach 1 win (19 shots), 1 loss (2 shots) 
Three teams finished the opening day on two wins, WINDSOR WOMBATS, North QLD’s WANGARATTA (Bowen) and a renaissance from CLUB KAWANA. 
WOMEN – Section One
Section 1 was hotly contested with all games going down to the wire, but at the end of the day, there were two “winners” (Windsor and Wangaratta) and two “losers” (Roma and Miriam Vale).
All games finished closely and could have gone either way.
Section 1 Summary
Windsor 21 def 19 Miriam Vale (2 shots)
Wangaratta 21 def 18 Roma (3 shots)
Windsor 17 def Roma 16 (one shot)
Wangaratta 21 def 17 Miriam Vale (four shots)
Windsor is Lee Evans, Pat Wakes, Robyn Williams and skip Kelly Gauntlett.
Wangaratta is Margaret Wilson, Carol Meredith, Penny Wilson and skip Enid Maltby.
WOMEN – Section Two
There were more “big name” bowlers in the Section 2 draw.
While the games were fiercely contested, the final scores weren’t close.
The only dead-set thriller was in the second round between Helensvale (skip Lynsey Clarke) and Bramble Bay (skip Ester Regan) which resulted in a 16-16 draw.
The deciding clash in Section Two starts at 8.30am today: if Helensvale wins against Kawana; Clarke’s girls will have the points to go through (two wins and a draw).
However if skip Jane Bush can get the Thunderbirds up this morning against the Hawkies (three wins), it will be ‘purple rain’ in the gold medal final against the winner of Section One.
Kawana was the only team in Section 2 to finish Day One on two wins.
It was uncharacteristically easy against skip Ester Regan’s Bramble Bay unit, 32-9, followed by a 10-shot win against Seaforth Mackay (skip Helena Mittenburg).
Australian Jackaroo Lynsey Clarke is proudly playing with her mum Teresa Armitage and two “besties” Rosie White and Amanda Haevecker.
They were strong in the opening round against Seaforth 27-12 but faced a resurgent  Bramble Bay in the second round which resulted in the thrilling draw, Helensvale 16-16 Bramble Bay.
Section 2 Summary
Kawana 32 def 9 Bramble Bay
Helensvale 27 def 12 Seaforth (Mackay)
Kawana 24 def 14 Seaforth
Helensvale 16 DRAW 16 Bramble Bay
Win/Loss End of Day 1
Kawana 2 wins (23 shots, 10 shots)
Helensvale 1 win (15 shots), 1 draw
Bramble Bay 1 loss (15 shots), 1 draw
Seaforth 2 losses (15 shots, 10 shots)
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