Double Trouble

by admin on November 4, 2017

Only two clubs were represented in State Pennant Grand Final for the first time in the history of the competition. (Pictured left: The 2017 winners of the Men’s and Women’s BQ State Pennant Div 1 Flags from Broadbeach Bowls Club.)
Broadbeach Bulls stole the show at this year’s BQ State Pennant Final with the club’s men’s and women’s teams securing both of the Div 1 Pennant titles up for grabs at Tweed Heads.
It was a historic moment for the BQ State Pennant too, as for the first time only two teams were represented in the Grand Final, with great performances in the sectional rounds from both of the men’s and women’s teams from Broadbeach and Pine Rivers earning them their spots in the unique final.
The Broadbeach men were the first to cross the line and take their well deserved Div 1 flag after a blistering performance from the bulls across all three of their rinks to finish as the victors over Pine Rivers 53-30 and chalk up their second Div 1 state title (after their 2015 win).
“We got off to a flyer at the start which really helped us take a decisive lead,” Broadbeach skip Kevin Anderson said.
“The boys played brilliantly in the final and put in a good effort against the Pine Rivers boys who always give a good game, it was the first nine ends which secured our lead as I think we were 16-0 up which really spurred us on.
“Sean Ingham’s rink played a great game too and they have been a great asset for us as they have been absolutely awesome this year and haven’t lost a single game so far.”
In the women’s final Broadbeach pulled off a decisive win to claim their third straight title win in the competition (2015 & 2016), Pine Rivers put in a good show but the bulls proved to be just too consistent and finished on 62-40.
“It was just fantastic, the girls were just so supportive of each other and it makes it so much easier knowing we all have each others back and we needed that against Pine Rivers who are just such a competitive team,” Bulls skip Bolivia Millerick said.
“The crowd was with us all the way which was great too and there was just such a great atmosphere which made it a lot of fun.
“We’ll just have to make sure we get back here again to defend our title and pull off another win next year!”
WOMEN – Broadbeach WIN 2 rinks
Rink 1: Broadbeach (Millerick) 8 – 16 Pine Rivers (Edwards) 
Rink 2: Broadbeach (Stewart) 21 – 9 Pine Rivers (Tognazzini)
Rink 3: Broadbeach (Keegan) 33 – 13 Pine Rivers (Doohan)
Overall: Broadbeach DEF Pine Rivers (62-40)

MEN FINAL RESULT- Broadbeach WIN 3 rinks.
Rink 5: Broadbeach (Ingham) 14 DEF 11 Pine Rivers (Wild)
Rink 6: Broadbeach (Bester) 17 DEF 10 Pine Rivers (Hewson)
Rink 7: Broadbeach (Anderson) 22 DEF 9 Pine Rivers (Brown)
Overall: Broadbeach DEF Pine Rivers (53-30)

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