Joan’s Umpiring Tips – Restricting movement

by admin on November 19, 2017

Joan talks about the umpire’s ruling on restricting the movement of players. What to do when – Restricting the movement of players during the game has been brought up and the Umpire has been requested to explain.

If a Controlling Body decides that it is appropriate to restrict the movement of players during play, provision for this must be included within the Conditions of Play. For the playing of Pennant and Championship games, the majority of the Conditions of Play include Restricting Movement of Players. They usually are as follows:
Note:   Players will only be allowed to walk up to the head as follows:
(a)  The Leads: after the second player in their team has delivered their second bowl.
(b)  The Seconds: after delivery of their second bowl.
(c)  The Thirds: after delivery of their second bowl.
(d)  The Skips: may go to the head after delivery of either skip’s first bowl.
Players Position:  Players, excluding skips, are not permitted to remain at the head whilst their opposite number is delivering their bowl. Any skip choosing to remain at the head end shall retire behind the head. Skips must return to the mat immediately their opponent’s bowl has come to rest.
Note:  Restricting the movement of player does not prohibit a player being called to the head by the skip, but care should be taken not to delay play.  
Suggested important reading – A.4 – Pages 96, 97, 98 which sets out all details about restricting the movement of players during play. Also A.5 which refers to Delaying (slow) play.