Substitutes and Replacement Players

by admin on April 30, 2018

BQ umpire committee co-ordinator, John Fitzpatrick, explains the rules regarding substitutions and replacement players.

by BQ umpire committee co-ordinator, John Fitzpatrick

The provisions for substitutes and replacement players are contained in the Domestic Regulations of the current law book, Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 3rd Edition.

The relevant definitions are:
2.1.3 Nominated Player: one whose entry has been lodged and will remain a nominated player until entries for that particular event close.
2.1.4 Intended Player: one whose entry has been accepted as a player, team or side for a particular competition from the time entries close until the member is constituted.
2.1.6 Constituted Player: a singles player or member of a team who has commenced their first game in a competition (when the jack is rolled in the first end as per Law 5.3) or has become constituted as per the provisions of DR 2.2.
2.1.7 Replacement Player: a player who is appointed to take the place of a constituted player who cannot play in any round after the first round of that competition for a reason accepted by the controlling body
2.1.8 Substitute: a player who is appointed to play in the place of an intended player or constituted player who is unavailable or physically incapable of attending, playing in or continuing in any part of any game for a reason accepted by the Controlling Body.

Constitution of Players – see the provisions of DR 2.2.

A player is a nominated player from the time that nominations for a competition are called until nominations close.

Players can be changed at this time without consequence.

Once nominations close and the draw is conducted the nominated player becomes an intended player until the player becomes constituted.

If an intended player becomes unavailable for whatever reason and withdraws from the team, the team is entitled to a substitute only, for the first game of the competition.

After the first game, the substitute, or any other eligible player can become a replacement player.

If the missing player has no intention of or can’t return to the team, a replacement player can fill the player’s position after the first round.

The team can then, if necessary and approved by the controlling body, utilise a substitute.

Each team is entitled to utilise one substitute and one replacement player per game in a competition except in the first round when only a substitute can be utilised.

The following should be noted:
2.2.6 If an intended player, team or side withdraws without being constituted, the intended players are regarded as not having entered the competition and are eligible to act as replacement players or substitutes in that competition. In a pairs team, if a replacement player is used, then a substitute can only take the place of the replacement player.
2.4.4 Only one replacement player is allowed per team in any competition.