QLD Men win Wal Currey Memorial Trophy

by admin on February 21, 2019

Fierce competition between the Blues and Maroons in the test series face-off today. Queensland’s men today won the much-coveted Wal Currey Shield, taking it back from NSW who won it last year. Since 2010, NSW has clocked 5 wins and QLD 4, and the Maroons this year wanted to even the score. Which they did. The 3rd test saw a close match with QLD men defeating NSW 56-54, leading to an overall series win 2-1.

While the QLD women strived for The Ashes title, it was not meant to be this year with the overall test series going to NSW 2-1. Well done NSW, we’ll get you next time.
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The U25 men missed out on evening the scores for the Archer-Stewart award, after NSW won the test series 2-1. Again, well done to NSW. 
Our U25 women may have glimpsed The Ashes title but NSW took the stage with some brilliant play and won the series 3-0. 
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Some fantastic bowls shone through the series by Players of the Series: Jess Parolin (U25 Women), Lynsey Clarke (Open Women, Nathan Rice (Open Men) and Jacob Nelson (U25 Men).