Moore Park Beach bowlers bowl on!

by jgrey on December 4, 2019

Relieved and happy. That’s how the bowlers at Moore Park Beach near Bundaberg felt when their club re-opened after being forced into voluntary liquidation.

There were financial difficulties for a long time then finally the doors closed and the liquidators moved in on June, 16. Weeks of uncertainty followed as rumours circulated about debts and the club’s future and the liquidators worked through their processes.

“It could have been the end,” Chairman Lindsay Browne said.

“However, frantic negotiations were going on with creditors, the liquidators and
the council and many others to see what could be salvaged and whether we could somehow carry on.

“We managed to keep bowls going during this period with only toilet access to the premises allowed and BYO refreshments.

“Thanks to the hard work of a whole lot of people we’ve managed to form a new committee, incorporate a new association, get a new liquor license and thanks to our volunteers we got up and running again.

“Our members and the community have been great and we thank them for their support. We are optimistic about our future. We want all our friends who have visited us over the years to know that things were grim there for a while but we are definitely open for business and we look forward to seeing them again.”

The first general meeting of the new Moore Park Beach Bowls Club Inc was held on July, 28. A team of hard-working volunteers has been operating the bar since October and the John and Thelma Kemp Bistro provides delicious meals Friday and Sunday nights.

“We’re getting used to running the club without paid staff and it’s a big ask of our volunteers,” Chairman Lindsay added.

“We are proud of the quality of our greens and they are running as well as they ever have.

“We’ll be putting on a full bowling programme in 2020 as in the past and we encourage any caravanners to come and try Moore Park Beach.

“Visiting bowlers always made welcome. Additionally, on Friday afternoons from May to August we have our famous Caravan Park Bowls with up to 60 bowlers. Some of them like our club and our climate and Bundaberg so much they come for winter every year.”

Moore Park Beach enjoys near-perfect year-round sub-tropical temperatures and has 17 kilometres of pristine beach. It’s
a small community where the bushland meets the sea 20 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg. For those looking to escape the overly developed coastal centres, it’s an absolute haven.

Contact Moore Park Bowls Club at (07) 41598326 for more information.