Millmerran boys’ sportsmanship shines

by jgrey on April 4, 2020

Well done to Millmerran boys Patrick Dickerson, Travis Gibbs & Tha Mas Soe, who managed to overcome a few challenges at the Junior State Championships and progress into the semi-finals of the triples which is impressive as it was their first time at the Championships.

This is no mean feat for any team, let alone first-timers, fellow Millmerran bowler Maree Gibbs said she was impressed by the level of skill shown by all seven of the young lads from the club who went up against stiff competition.

Dickerson, Gibbs and Soe were joined by fellow club-mates Logan Dent, Kyle Commens, Venson Valdez and Hamish Dickerson.

“They maintained their enthusiasm right throughout the competition, but were not used to such a high standard of bowls,” Gibbs said.

“However, they refused to give up and fought on till the very end, and I think their sportsmanship was something to be admired.”

Maree acknowledged and thanked Greg Bostock for helping the boys out on the day.

“We had a bit of a challenge regarding Patrick’s and Tha Ma’s uniforms and shoes,” Gibbs said.

“On hearing this Bowls Queensland’s Greg Bostock bought two pairs of shoes as well as two pairs of shorts out of his own pocket for the boys that didn’t have them, we then borrowed the rest from our senior members.

“They looked really good in their uniforms too, thanks to Greg.”

The boys’ coach Dewayne Gibbs said it was a privilege to take the boys down for their first time, Dewayne has been training the boys on Friday afternoons and has been pleased to see that the boys are now taking part in club competitions and carnivals.