Clubs Queensland: COVID-19 Shutdown Impact Survey

by jgrey on April 20, 2020

Clubs Queensland’s meeting with the Attorney General


On 15 April 2020, Clubs Queensland met with the Attorney General, the Honourable Yvette D’Ath. We spoke to the Attorney General about where the government was positioned with respect to our past advocacy relating to taxation and regulatory reform.


The Attorney General advised that the government had been hearing Clubs Queensland loud and clear on these points for some time, but that since the impact of COVID-19, it now wants to hear specifically what the industry needs to be in the best position to re-open after the shutdown period. The Attorney General acknowledged that this may include past advocacy points such as taxation and regulatory reform.


In essence, the government has wiped the slate clean and rather than Clubs Queensland having to advocate for a ‘sustainability’ package, we are now having to advocate for a ‘rescue’ package.


To this end, we strongly pushed (and will continue to push) for gaming tax relief as per our letter to the Attorney General dated 7 April 2020. Click here to access a copy.


Clubs Queensland would also like to thank Lyndon Broome from Kedron Wavell Services Club for attending the meeting to share an operator’s perspective with the Attorney General.


Clubs Queensland’s primary focus for the foreseeable future is to ensure that, when the shutdown is lifted, the industry can resume trading, remain viable, and continue to make our communities a better place to live and work.


To assist with this advocacy, we need to band together as one voice. We need your help!


COVID-19 Shutdown Impact Survey


We are seeking feedback from clubs, both members and non-members of Clubs Queensland, by way of this survey developed by Clubs Australia, to understand the impact of the shutdown on your venue.


The survey asks a number of important questions relating to financial, employment and community support impacts. You may require financial records on-hand to complete the survey promptly.


The information you provide in this survey will greatly assist Clubs Queensland and Clubs Australia obtain support and reform for the industry. The information collected in this survey will be shared with both Federal and Queensland Government stakeholders to facilitate this.


We appreciate your contribution to this survey in what are very challenging circumstances.


Club groups should complete a single survey for the entire club group, and use only numbers in the financial sections (please don’t add commas or full stops).


To access the survey, CLICK HERE


Thanks go to Clubs Queensland members, who in turn support our federal body, Clubs Australia to conduct surveys such as this!


For further information, or should you experience difficulties in completing the survey, please contact the Clubs Queensland team on (07) 3252 0770.