Getting to know BQ

by jgrey on April 23, 2020

Bowls Queensland relies heavily on its fantastic pool of diligent and hardworking volunteers who help organise and run state events, BQ’s match committee coordinator Ron Somerville is one such volunteer.

With more than 50 years of bowls under his belt, Ron continues to give back to the sport he loves.

Ron became a bowls convert in the mid ‘60s after his boss at the GM Holden plant in Dandenong, VIC invited him down for a roll up one evening after work.

As part of the match committee, Ron works tirelessly with
the rest of the volunteer committee who work long hours to pull-off events and ensure they are run as smoothly as possible.

“I don’t think people realise just how much work goes into the organising of these events behind the scenes,” Ron said.

“Planning for next year’s event pretty much starts as soon as this year’s one has finished, it takes a lot of preparation to make it all work smoothly.”

Despite the long hours, Ron says the satisfaction of the job comes from “doing a good job” and getting people out on the green.

Ron says more volunteers are needed and urges people to consider putting their hands up for roles at the club, district and state level.

“Get involved, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and it’s good being out of your comfort zone seeing what works and what doesn’t, it’s just good to give something back to the sport,” Ron said.

Ron leaves the SCDMBA

After more than 17 years on the board of the Sunshine Coast District Men’s Bowls Association Ron Somerville has announced his retirement from the district.

“I’ve been the president for 14 years and have done just about every job there is to do for the district, so I think it’s time to let some new blood in and get some fresh ideas coming in too,” Somerville said.

“It has been a great experience and we’ve achieved a lot as a district association.”