by jgrey on September 7, 2020

Contributed by Paul Hallam.

Meet Roger Celetto, Ingham Bowls Club’s oldest member at the age of 93.

Roger was born on November, 29 in 1926 and hails from Provincia di Treviso in Italy.

“The Province of Treviso is a province in the Veneto region of Italy.  The capital is the city of Teviso. The province is surrounded by Belluno in the north, Vincenza in the west, Padua in the south-west, Venice in the south-east and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the east. The river Piave passes through the province, while the rivers Sile and Cagnan pass through the capital.

The province’s nickname is La Marca Trevigiana.  It has a prosperous economy and is an important producer of wine. It encompasses an area of 750 square miles” (Wikipedia).

Roger was fortunate not to have to go to war in 1939.  Only the young men born in the beginning of the year were sent.  Because he was born in November, he was able to remain at home and work with his father on their farm.

Roger arrived in Australia in 1950 and made his way to Bemerside Queensland, where he started work as a cane cutter in June 1950.  He cut cane, by hand, for 14 years.

He bought his first cane farm at Cook’s Lane in 1964.  His farm in Abergowrie remains in the family and is now run by his son David.

Roger has three sons: Bruno, David and Stephen.  There are five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Roger enjoys playing barefoot bowls on a Thursday night because it is only for two hours. However, because barefoot bowls has been suspended during winter, he now plays social mixed bowls on Sundays.  The picture shows that he still plays bowls without bowling aids.

Roger’s secret to a healthy life is to work hard and live a clean life.

He still enjoys driving his car, going shopping, cooking and keeps his unit clean and tidy.

When I interviewed him, he told me that when he can no longer look after himself, he will retire to an aged care facility.