Back-to-back for Keegan and Inch

by jgrey on October 22, 2020

2020 State Championships Women’s Open Pairs

Katelyn Inch and Julie Keegan took on Natasha Jones and Cassandra Millerick in the Women’s Pairs at Paradise Point today. It was always going to be a game with a difference due to the rain but the players were all giving their best and adapting to the situation. After 11 ends 10-7 to Inch and Keegan, they took a swift extra three points with some well-timed shots, just in time for a massive downpour which left the outdoor green unplayable. After a break, play resumed on the 14th end with a score of 13-7 in Keegan and Inch’s favour.

Keegan and Inch continued to work the green, and after 16 ends were at 19-8. Jones wasn’t to be outdone and kept lining up good bowls and Millerick got shot on the 17th end but the game was concluded with a score of 25-11 to Keegan and Inch.

“I’m over the moon,” Julie said.

“It was very tricky to get rained off, we felt like we had a bit of momentum at the start but it was a game changer moving to the carpet, you never know what’s going to happen.

“It was great playing against these girls, Cass is a club mate and we are all really good friends.

“To play with Katelyn was amazing and it’s awesome to go back-to-back.

“You don’t want to jinx yourself so you try not to think about it too much when wanting to win back to back.

“I’m really, really stoked, especially after winning two years in a row,” Katelyn said.

“It’s also been great playing with Julie, she’s been the person who has really looked after me since coming over from NZ to Broadbeach.

“She’s like my Australian mum, so it’s really nice to win it with her.

“We had a few tough moments, we knew it was going to be tricky with that rain.

“We knew we just had to play out the game, get heaps of bowls in the head and just take one end at a time.

“We only had eight ends on the indoor green in the second half of the game so we took our time, used our experience and it paid off!”

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