Hard of Hearing Bowler Ken Read surges ahead and remains in front

by jgrey on October 28, 2020

Multi Disability State Champions Hard of Hearing Singles

With rain threatening throughout the game at Club Chermside, the Multi Disability Hard of Hearing finals had players and spectators wondering how long they could play before the match was interrupted.

Ken Read took on John Price and had the game right from the beginning when he got 3 bowls at the beginning of the game and doubled his score to 6-0 within the first 15 minutes. He continued his streak until  play was stopped due to lightning and rain with a score of 15-4.

In the first end after play resumed, Price had some good bowls but only managed to boost his score by one, while Read increased by two making the score 17-5. Price wasn’t settling for 5, so quickly increased to 7 then 10. Read’s score continued to increase until he was the first to reach 21, defeating Price 21-10 (the final score).

Brian Taylor defeated Janet Hogan for the bronze medal. The bronze medal match was a close game, with Taylor reaching 15-14 then slowly creeping up to 18 leaving Hogan at 14. Hogan got one more, getting her to 15 but Taylor had just one shot to reach 21 to win the match and he did. The final bronze medal match score was 21-15 to Taylor.

Pictured below L-R: Brian Taylor (bronze), John Price (silver) and Ken Read (Gold)