Delgado and Whitestyles face each other in the gold medal match

by jgrey on October 30, 2020

Damian Delgado and Cooper Whitestyles (defending Champion) got what they wanted, which was to play as a team together then compete in the final singles match.

The wind picked up before the game but at least the rain held off for the whole day. Whitestyles got off to a good start with four bowls up front, then another one to make it five, while Delgado scored two, followed swiftly by another two, taking the score to 4-5 to Whitestyles. Taking turns to score they got to 10-12 quickly with Whitestyles still in the lead.

Delgado took the 2-point difference and turned it around, scoring five points in no time to 15-12. Whitestyles started to fight back and scored one, pushing Delgado to take another three shots to make the score 18-13. One more end and Delgado scored another three, taking the game.

“It was a really good game, we achieved what we set out to do, we didn’t have to play each other at all until the finals,” Damien said.

“Cooper had me at the ropes early, it was really tricky with that wind.

“I think he was going one way with the wind and I was going the other but luckily I got a little bit more consistent in the end.

“I’m heading straight home soon as my wife Jessica has been by herself at home for five days with three kids under five. She’s had her work cut out for her.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her.”

“I always expected a tough game playing against Damien, I knew it would be tough from the get-go,” Cooper said.

“It was a great game, I’m quite happy with how well I played.

“The wind was tough coming back towards the club, but all credit to Damien who out bowled me on those ends.

“I’ll be back next year and hopefully go for the gold in the singles again”.

Congratulations to Tony Watson from Kallangur who won the bronze medal.