Down to the last end for Hoskins and McGarry

by jgrey on October 30, 2020

Sporting Wheelies Women’s Singles

Louise Hoskins and Debra McGarry took to the green with each one ready to win the gold medal. McGarry held the lead at 12 to Hoskins 8, pushing forward with confidence to a swift 16, while Hoskins picked up just one. McGarry gained one more then started slowly slipping, while Hoskins started edging forward scoring two to make the score 17-14, still to McGarry. At this point, McGarry could have won the game with one more shot, but played the bowl too short. Hoskins, seeing her chance to get ahead, but Louise came in with her last bowl of the end got one, taking the score to 17-15 with Hoskins trailing by just two.

It was an exciting last fews ends to the game as the win could’ve gone either way. In the end, Hoskins persevered and defeated McGarry 21-19.

“It feels great to the be the gold medal winner,” Louise said.

“It was a very tough game and I did not hit the front until the last end.

“I loved meeting everyone here and all were very friendly.

“I enjoyed every moment”.

Serena Bonnell won the bronze medal match.