Remembering Derrick Hirning AKA “Dickie Knee”

by jgrey on December 16, 2020

Derrick Hirning was a different kind of man. His family, together with the Dalby and North Toowoomba Bowls Clubs are making sure that he will not be forgotten. 

Derrick Hirning, also known as “Dickie Knee”, was a member of the Dalby Bowls Club, here in his hometown and a member of the North Toowoomba Bowls Club.

Although Derrick only stood all of five feet, he had a heart full of generosity and was always at the forefront of any project. Derrick was instrumental in remodelling and building of the new club house for the Dalby Bowls Club, back in the nineties together with so many other projects within the club, including President of the Men’s Division.

Derrick had a repertoire of jokes for all occasions and no bowls day was complete without Derrick bringing out the jokes, some would not be for mixed company, but the men who played bowls everywhere, knew Derrick was good for a laugh or two.

The Hirning Family have supplied the “Dickie Knee” Shield and the first of the Dalby and North Toowoomba playoffs was held on October 25, with Dalby winning the first engraving on the shield.

This playoff will be held each year, alternately at Dalby and the North Toowoomba clubs.


Above L-R: Jeffrey Hirning, Alison Hirning, Gavin Bradford & Keith Teakle.

Contributed by Juliana McGahan