Cleveland BC renames a green in honour of Mary Ross

by bqmedia on February 11, 2021

By Betty Clarke

On Saturday December 19, Cleveland Bowls Club renamed a green in honour of an outstanding member of our club, Mary Ross. It’s a rare event in a bowls club’s life to name a green. We do so to ensure that every time a bowler comes to the club, they are reminded of the contribution that a particular person has made to the club’s story. This is a fitting gesture for someone who has done everything in bowls while at Cleveland. Mary has a mighty list of achievements, and has brought great credit and profile to the club over many years, and has done so with great wit and charm at all times. We trust that Mary understands that the club holds her in the highest possible regard.

Some of Mary’s bowling achievements go back more than 30 years and include:

• Won the State Singles Championship in 1990 winning 9 straight games

• In 1991 and 1993 Mary was selected to play for Queensland in the Test Series against New South Wales and Victoria

• In 1991, 92, 93, 95, 96 and 1997 she was selected to play for Queensland in State of Origin matches

• Mary led her Cleveland team and the side to victory in the State Pennant Finals at Bribie Island in 2010

• Mary with fellow member Jacob Nelson won the State Mixed Pairs Championship in 2013. Mary was 84 and Jacob 14 years of age at that time, proving bowls is indeed a sport for all ages

• Won District Championships in Pairs in 2010 on her 81st birthday

• Won Fours and Triples multiple times

• Won the Cleveland Ladies Singles Championship 14 times.

• Won the Ladies Championships in Pairs, Fours and Triples in our Club multiple times.

• In addition, Mary has served on the Board of Management and as Ladies President. Mary is someone we wish all present and future club members to remember with fondness and admiration and in the meantime we hope she enjoys bowling on her green.