Meet Rico Basaglia

by bqmedia on February 26, 2021

By the late Paul Hallam

Enrico Richard Basaglia was born in lngham on August, 24 1950.

He went to Primary School in Halifax and completed Secondary School – Year 12 in 1968 at lngham State School. Rico obtained an apprenticeship with Hinchinbrook Shire Council (HSC) as a fitter and turner in 1969. In 1972, he married Stephanie Bovero. They have two children, Priscilla and Blair, and two grandchildren. Rico continued working with HSC, progressing to workshop foreman, workshop superintendent and finally plant manager in 1982. He worked with the council until early 2015 when he retired after 46 years.

During his time at the council, Rico became friends with Councillor John Covell, who was also the president of Ingham Bowls Club. A social game of bowls was organised between HSC staff and Ingham Bowls Club members. Rico enjoyed the game immensely and on New Year’s Day in 1991, John Covell signed him up as a member.

Rico learned a lot during his first year and applied to be a part of the Bowls Club Council in 1992. Rico became president of the club in 1998. Under his reign as president, the decision was made to change the green from grass to synthetic in 1999. Rico also assisted with other positions – barman, selector and secretary from 2008 to 2020. In 2018, Rico received the Meritorious Award Medal for 25 continuous years service, on the Bowls Club Council. The award was presented by Gary Costigan, the President of NQDMBA.

As with many bowlers’ families, Rico has spent so much time at the bowls club that his wife Stephanie suggested he take his bed there. When Covid–19 restrictions came into force in March 2020, Rico continually updated the club with the ever-changing rules. He is an excellent club member and willing to assist with any task.

Rico’s talent extends to more than being on the bowls green. He is an excellent craftsperson. He makes children’s wooden toys and has progressed to making cane tippers and other models. Recently, he was asked to make a model ofVictoriaMill’s100-year-oldsteamtrain“Homebush”. As always, his model is flawless, as he goes to great detail to make his models as close as possible to the real items. Many of his models have been sold to people in Queensland and interstate.

Rico retired from the Bowls Club Council after 28 years of service in December to spend more time with his family and focus on making his models.

“Homebush” Steam Train
Blue Hauling Tipper
John Deere Harvester
Rico receiving the Meritorious Award Medal from Gary Costigan