Mark Brandt with his bowling arm prepares to play in the January Origin Day at Roma Bowls Club

Arm bowlers encouraged at Roma’s origin pairs day

by bqmedia on March 19, 2021

By David Bowden

The Roma Bowls Club Origin Pairs Day held on January 23 was won by a team that included a bowler using a bowling arm. There were 14 teams with 28 players, and even though the club could only use one green because the second green was being renovated, the competition was a great success.

Four games were played by pairs across the day with winners Mark Brandt and Darren Turnbull winning all four games and most ends. In addition to winning the event, this team also won $100 as a bonus for having a player using a bowling arm in the team. The original grant from Origin was to promote the use of the bowling arm to those with a disability.

Over recent years, Queensland bowlers have taken to the idea of buying a bowling arm if they have back, knee or other disabilities. The extension allows the player to deliver a bowl from a standing position rather than the normal crouched position. Many bowlers are continuing their enjoyment of bowls, rather than retiring from the game or copping the wrath of the greenkeeper by dumping bowls onto the green that can cause indents that are hard to repair.