L-R: Alby & Maree Gibbs, Mick Cherry & Len Bartz

Alby continues to bowl despite vision loss

by bqmedia on April 2, 2021

By Mick Cherry

Alby and Maree Gibbs are a well known husband and wife team travelling all over Queensland and NSW to attend carnivals.

However in October 2020, Alby suffered a stroke behind one eye leaving him visually impaired. Alby saw double and could not bowl at all and from there it was almost impossible for him to compete again.

Alby had entered the Oakey 2 Day Carnival on February 7 this year, so he got stuck into practice hoping his eye would come good. He conceded he might have to give it away.

A week before Oakey, his eye started to improve. He played in skip position and won the carnival using his one good eye. Alby went to Roma’s Carnival and played with Maree in lead position. He had a win there too. Soon after Roma, the duo headed off to the Crows Nest carnival and Alby played with Len Bartz, Mick Cherry and Maree and they also won there.