Under the shed at Goosies

by bqmedia on April 17, 2021

By Tony Allsop

The Under The Shed $12,000 Tier 3 event held on February 21-22 attracted the full complement of 32 teams from the Gold Coast to Townsville. Goosies in Mackay has two under-cover greens with 16 rinks and it was pleasing to see no games were cancelled because of rain on the Saturday. The event was so popular that the six teams that joined a waiting list to play missed out on a game.

There will be another “Goosies $10,000” in November 2021. Almost all rinks have been booked for this event already. The next Under The Shed competition planned for February 2022 has attracted 27 teams so far, so may be booked out by the time you read this. A new chef, new menus, a refurbished clubhouse and more pokies have all combined to attract more members to the club.

The Goosies ladies playing their club championships. Pictured measuring are Maryann Bartolo & Maureen Blutcher