Winners Div 1 Men - Gold Coast Tweed

It’s a wrap! 2021 District Sides

by jgrey on May 1, 2021

By Kelsey Cottrell

Leading into the 2021 District Sides Championships you could not be faulted for thinking the Gold Coast were favourites to claim both titles, especially after a glimpse of the honour roll showed some five straight victories for the men and four consecutive wins for the women.  

After missing the 2020 event due to COVID it was great to see some 500+ bowlers back proudly representing their districts. 

The final game of the day at Cleveland between Gold Coast and Cunningham would decide our 2021 Division 1 men’s champions with both sides defeating Mackay and Gateway to put themselves in a position to take out the title. 

A third of the way through and only 2 shots were separating the top sides on the big board; but the powerhouse Gold Coast were just too consistent on all four rinks and without registering any big margins, and in fact going down on one rink, Gold Coast were all class claiming their 6th straight division 1 flag. 

Cohen Liftin 16 def by Steven Tong 17

Josh Greenhalgh 14 def by Aron Sherriff 19

Graeme Hooper 22 def Sean Ingham 19

Des Cann jnr. 11 def by Barrie Lester 18

In the women’s competition we were expecting a close encounter when the Gold Coast District took on the Sunshine Coast in the second game of the day; however, Bolivia Millerick was all business taking down Julie Keegan’s rink 28-7, Ellen Ross (SC) got the better of Dee-ann Robertson (GC) 18-12, Serena Matthews (GC) and Jane Bush (SC) had just a couple of shots between them. 

Cunningham were their opponents in the final round, and they weren’t phased by the big names and form of the Gold Coast ladies; however; they had a mammoth task ahead of them, not only did they need to beat the Gold Coast but beat them by over 21 shots. 

They managed one part of the equation, a victory on the big board, although it was not enough to knock Gold Coast out of top spot. 

Mackay District Men were thrilled with their appearance in division 1; the first time their district had qualified for top division in 20 years. “You little beauty”, Peter Balderson captioned in the tournaments best Facebook selfie!  


Heading into the final round of the day it could not get much closer than the division 2 ladies who were sitting on one win a piece. Fraser Coast had a 15-shot advantage over Brisbane; however, they were a green away taking on Bundaberg, whilst the Fraser Coast would have their work cut out for them playing against the formidable Gateway District (maroon) side. 

With all the managers and spectators keeping a close eye on both games, the players were doing their best to focus on the task at hand. 

Gateway (maroon) started to jump the Fraser Coast, but would it be enough to hold out Brisbane who were also compiling a margin on Bundaberg? 

It was more than enough; Gateway finished on 2 wins +20 whilst Brisbane were 2 wins +9; a remarkable achievement to come from 3rd place with a negative margin after 2 rounds. 

It could have been a different story had Gateway not managed to secure a victory over Brisbane by 1 shot after the bell in round 1, courtesy of Karen Goldsworthy’s cracking final bowl. 

The Sunshine Coast men were in the box seat with a 24-shot buffer over their final opponent of the day, the gents from the Downs District. 

Sunshine Coast had all the star power with new recruits Brett Wilkie, a former Australian representative, and Ryan Burnett, a Scottish U’25 Champion skipping two rinks. Some other familiar faces for the Sunshine Coast, Peter Carmody, Paul Hendricks and Jay Dawe were also going to be hard to beat. 

The Downs District were holding their own on three rinks, but Kurt Brown’s team was doing the most damage shaking hands with 23-8 on the scoreboard. 

Results in other divisions were as follows- 


Division 1 Winners- Gold Coast

Division 3 Winners- Mackay

Division 4 Winners- Port Curtis

Division 5 Winners- Burnett 


Division 1 Winners- Gold Coast

Division 3 Winners- Brisbane

Division 4 Winners- Condamine 

Division 5 Winners- North West 

Thank-you to all the host clubs, Belmont Services, Cleveland, Logan City, Manly and Wynnum who did a sensational job hosting 560 bowlers, officials, and spectators across the 4 days of play. 

At the presentations it was announced that next year’s District Sides Championships would be held on the Gold Coast. 

On Tuesday, the Queensland State Championships commence in the Gateway District kicking off with Mixed Pairs and finishing with the blue-ribbon state singles on May 17. 

Thank you to sponsor Exodas for their support of this event.

You can watch the livestream videos of this event here:

Winners Div 1 Women – Gold Coast Tweed
Div 2 Men Winners – Sunshine Coast
Div 2 Women Winners Gateway Maroon
Div 3 Women Winners Mackay
Div 4 Men Winners – Brisbane
Div 4 Women Winners – Port Curtis
Div 4 Men Winners – Condamine
Div 5 Women Winners – Burnett
Div 5 Men Winners – North West QLD



Saturday 1 May 2021

Division 1 at Cleveland Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Gold Coast Tweed 76 def Gateway 54

Mackay 65 def by Cunningham 66 

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Gold Coast Tweed 85 def Mackay 59

Cunningham 88 def Gateway 47

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Gold Coast Tweed 73 def Cunningham 63 

Gateway 64 def Mackay 53

Division 1 winner: Gold Coast Tweed

Division 1 runner-up: Cunningham

Division 2 at Logan City Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Downs 65 def Bundaberg 54

Sunshine Coast 80 def Moreton Bay 57

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Downs 57 def Moreton Bay 59

Sunshine Coast 70 def Bundaberg 58

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Downs 44 def by Sunshine Coast 78

Moreton Bay 83 def Bundaberg 48

Division 2 winner: Sunshine Coast

Division 2 runner-up: Moreton Bay

Division 3 at Belmont Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Brisbane 69 def Fraser Coast 55

Nth Qld 77 def Tropical Far North Qld 64

Round 11 at 12.00pm 

Brisbane 54 def Tropical far north 52 

North Qld 63 def Fraser Coast 45

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Brisbane 79 def North Qld 45

Tropical Far North Qld 50 def by Fraser Coast 93

Division 3 winner:  Brisbane 

Division 3 runner-up: North Qld

Division 4 at Wynnum Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Port Curtis 59 drew Burnett 59 

Condamine 96 def Central Qld 35

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Port Curtis 74 def Central Qld 42

Condamine 66 def Burnett 57 

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Port Curtis 60 def by Condamine 65

Central Qld 51 def by Burnett 75

Division 4 winner:  Condamine

Division 4 runner-up: Port Curtis

Division 5 at Manly Bowls Club 

Round 10 at 8.50am

Nth West Qld 65 def Southern Downs 48

Maranoa Warrego 52 def by Leichhardt 65

Round 11 at 12.00pm

North West 67 def Leichhardt 57 

Maranoa Warrego 51 def by Southern Downs 57 

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Maranoa Warrego 57 def by North West 87

Southern Downs 61 def Leichhardt 65

Division 5 winner: North West Qld 

Division 5 runner-up: Leichhardt

2021 Women’s District Sides 


Saturday 1st May 2021

Division 1 at Cleveland Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am 

Gold Coast 71 def Tropical Far North Qld 31

Cunningham 53 def Sunshine Coast 39

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Gold Coast Tweed 53 def Sunshine Coast 43

Cunningham 45 def by Tropical Far North Qld 51

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Gold Coast 39 def by Cunningham 46

Sunshine Coast 75 def Tropical Far North Qld

Division 1 winner: Gold Coast Tweed

Division 1 runner-up: Cunningham

Division 2 at Logan City Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Gateway Maroon 41 def Brisbane 40

Fraser Coast Blue 57 def Bundaberg 41

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Gateway Maroon 50 def by Bundaberg 52

Fraser Coast Blue 41 def Brisbane 42

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Gateway Maroon 59 def Fraser Coast Blue 38

Bundaberg 45 def by Brisbane 54

Division 2 winner: Gateway Maroon

Division 2 runner-up: Brisbane

Division 3 at Belmont Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

North Qld 64 def Central Qld 38

Moreton Bay 33 def by Mackay 50

Round 11 at 12.00pm 

North Qld 33 def by Mackay 37 

Moreton Bay 53 def Central Qld 24

Round 12 at 2.45pm

North Qld 44 def by Moreton Bay 55

Mackay 50 def Central Qld 41

Division 3 winner: Mackay

Division 3 runner-up: Moreton Bay

Division 4 at Wynnum Hill Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Fraser Coast White 33 def by Port Curtis 55

Downs 58 def Gateway Gold 41

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Fraser Coast White 33 def by Gateway Gold 57

Downs 46 def Port Curtis 38

Round 12 at 2.45pm

Fraser Coast White 48 def Downs 47

Gateway Gold 34 def by Port Curtis 54

Division 4 winner: Port Curtis 

Division 4 runner-up: Downs

Division 5 at Manly Bowls Club

Round 10 at 8.50am

Burnett 65 def Maranoa Warrego 38

Southern Downs 45 def by Condamine 50

Round 11 at 12.00pm

Burnett 87 def Condamine 32

Southern Downs 42 def by Maranoa Warrego 60