You’re Never too Old to Inspire

by bqmedia on July 5, 2021

By Micheal Sorrensen (RBM)

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is: How do we get more juniors? Well, do yourself a favour and Google,”You’re Never too Old to Inspire”, and a five-minute YouTube clip will come up. Or simply watch the video below.

Watch this inspiring clip, then come back to this story. If you have watched the clip you will realise that to gain juniors you need:-

  • A very dedicated person or persons who love to work with children.
  • A person or persons who love the sport of bowls and have a passion to develop the sport.
  • A person or persons who has the time and qualifications to run weekly training sessions.
  • Green space and bowls suitable to run sessions for juniors (nine years to 18 years).
  • Cooperation between club and coordinator of the program and a Duty of Care document for juniors (this is to protect both children and the club).
  • The next question to ask is: Do we have anyone who meets the above criteria? Once you’ve found these people, work with them to find a time and the space to start a program. Start small and it will build. It’s very important to secure Blue Cards for all people working with children. Ask your district if they have a junior coordinator, maybe there will be some support available from them and some information on other juniors in the area.
  • If you need any support, your local RBM is only a phone call away and we can and will assist.