L-R: Trevor Flynn, Lee Newing & Geoffff Cooper

New Arm Bowlers Group on Sunshine Coast

by bqmedia on July 14, 2021

Our group is intent on helping clubs keep their members, and arm bowlers are a fast growing division within lawn bowls. We have been formed to cater for these players, playing against other arm bowlers and keeping people with numerous physical problems or ageing in years on the green.

We are growing very quickly with some 50 members already enrolled. Regular games are now being played at Club Kawana on the first Sunday morning of each month with the first game held at 9am Sunday 4 July.

With so many players taking up the arm device, our games encourage newer and inexperienced players to enter our competition and be paired with more experienced players. This helps to take away the fear of not being good enough and any self-doubt about entering a competitive event. Having our games played at various bowling clubs is also on the agenda, to add variety of location.

Our group is a division of the Maroon Arm Bowlers, which allows our members to nominate for MABA events which are held regularly throughout Queensland.

Membership is only $20 a year. Further information can be obtained from either:
Geoff Cooper: 0417 754 910 or Lee Newing: 0437 113 067 Email: sunshinecoastarmbowlers@gmail.com