UPDATED: Restrictions for Cairns Regional Council that came out of lockdown on 11 August and the 11 LGAs that came out of lockdown on 8 August 2021

by jgrey on August 9, 2021

Updated 13 August 2021:

There are updated restrictions for bowls clubs in the Cairns Regional Council area (from 11 August 2021) as well as clubs in the 11 LGAs that came out of lockdown on 8 August 2021.

In line with the updated Public Health Direction and advice from the QLD Sport and Recreation Department, bowling will be permitted with a limit of two people per rink, roll ups only bowling will be permitted with a limit of two people per rink, roll ups only capped at 10 people per green. (Until 4pm on Sunday 22 August)

Wearing of masks – people must adhere to the latest advice at the following link:

Restrictions for Impacted Areas – South East Queensland | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au)

Please find latest information from Sport and Rec QLD below:

To our Sport and Recreation industry colleagues

Following the lifting of the lockdown for Cairns Regional Council and Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council yesterday, the Roadmap to easing restrictions – Queensland’s COVID Safe Future has been updated. The Roadmap provides an overview of the current restrictions for the LGAs with lifted lockdowns and the rest of Queensland.

As per the advice provided over recent days, restrictions will continue to apply until 4pm Sunday 22 August 2021 for impacted areas, which includes the 11 South East Queensland Local Government Areas (LGAs) and now Cairns and Yarrabah.
Updates to the Restrictions for Impacted Areas website, include Questions and Answersspecific to the conduct of sport and recreation activity. These Q&As provide further clarity to assist in identifying the restrictions placed on community sport and recreation and in some cases, where it is not permitted.

In summary, the following restrictions are in place and must be adhered to in the impacted LGAs until 4pm Sunday 22 August 2021
People can attend sport and recreation venues to exercise by themselves or with others if it is a non-contact activity and with minimal sharing of equipment. However, people must not gather in groups of more than 10 people.
Sport and recreation venues can operate (for example an indoor rock climbing gym) however any casual participation in activity or exercise must be done so in accordance with occupant density requirements, the COVID Safe Checklist and the Check in Qld app.
Face masks are mandatory when doing non-vigorous exercise. If gathering in a small group for exercise or casual activity, it is recommended that a mask be worn.
Organised community sport and recreation is not permitted. Organised team or individual sport and recreation events, including training or coaching of any nature or competitions, should not proceed.
As you would appreciate, the primary focus at this time is on restricting to the maximum extent possible, the risk of transmission and spread between households and a larger geographical area. So, if you are unsure that the above conditions can be met, please do not undertake any activity during this two-week period.

Additionally, as noted earlier in the week, those people living in impacted LGAs are strongly encouraged not to leave the area as this may impact on the strong inroads made to stop the spread of the very contagious Delta strain of COVID-19.  Should people need to leave the impacted area for any reason, they will be required to comply with all of the restrictions relevant to their home location including wearing of masks and physical distancing.

I encourage you to read the Q&As provided at the link above to gain further understanding of the restrictions. Please note it is not possible to cover every scenario across the industry in these Q&As however they provide a guide for you to consider your specific situation and determine the most appropriate course of action in accordance with the restrictions and in the best interests of the community’s health and safety.

I trust the above information is of assistance, however, should you require further clarification to what has been provided by the Department, please contact
134 COVID (13 42 68).

Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to keeping Queensland safe.


Andrew Sly
Assistant Director-General
Sport and Recreation

Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport