Meet Ty Jesberg

by bqmedia on September 6, 2021

Ty (17) started playing bowls at the age of eight, after his parents decided to join a local club to try something new. “Because I was only eight, I had to tag along; best decision ever on mum and dad’s behalf! “ he said. Now, Ty bowls “a lot”, twice a week or more when there’s an event or social game being played.

Ty struggles to think of just one memorable bowls moment, but putting his Kookaburras uniform on in 2019 was one of them. “I can just remember how proud my family, club, coach and friends were, best feeling!”Ty is also proud of winning the Junior State Single title this year.

As the family live in Longreach, during the Premier League Ty’s parents and Ty travelled 12 hours down and 12 hours back to Brisbane every week. This does not include the travel to events when they arrive in Brisbane nor does it include any other competitions they attend throughout the year.

“I am lucky enough that my family and occasionally my coach will travel with me and support me throughout my comps and events. As for school, and friends, this can be hard. If I don’t keep on top of my studies while travelling it is easy to fall behind but I can hold my head high and say I have a great support system! Teachers, friends, sisters and parents all push me to do the best I can while I focus on my bowls career.”

Ty’s biggest learning/lesson from playing bowls so far is that commitment and persistence in and/or to your game is something you learn to carry on through every aspect of your life. “I’ve also learnt to be patient, have respect for others, to believe in myself and how to communicate well with others.”