Meet Hannah Ogden

by bqmedia on September 13, 2021

Hannah (17) started playing bowls in 2015, after she had just finished netball and her nana suggested trying out bowls on a Saturday morning.

Nowadays, Hannah plays bowls for about 12 hours each week. Sometimes she has to travel far to play bowls, the furthest she has travelled is to New South Wales.

One of her proudest moments was playing her first test series and nationals for Queensland.

She enjoys playing bowls at her current level, she says, “who knows what may happen in the future?”

There are a few bowlers that Hannah looks up to.

“One person who I looked up to when I first stated at Burnett was a member called Duncan. Every time we would play together I would always learn something new.”

“At my club we have many people who help support me but the main person is Des Kemp.”

When Hannah first started playing at the higher levels, she found it hard to balance school and bowls at the same time.

“One of the main problems in my bowling career is the travelling,” she said.

“I miss out on some competitions because they are just so far away.”

Hannah stresses that bowls is not just for old people. “It’s a great game that is really underestimated.”