Meet Dekota Brindle – Darra Cementco

by bqmedia on September 19, 2021

Dekota (15) started playing bowls at the age of 13 after being encouraged by her dad. She travels about an hour to her home club, Darra Cementco, to play bowls for 10-12 hours per week. Before playing bowls, Dekota used to enjoy playing netball.

She is most proud of making the State junior team, Division 1 for her club, the final four in the District Mixed Pairs and the most consistent mixed pairs in the COVID Pairs events. Dekota has some bowls-specific goals and says that she wants to be known and looked up to and encourage others. “ I want a young kid to see me and feel encouraged to follow in my footsteps,” she said.

When asked who she most admired in bowls, she was quick to respond that it was mainly her dad. “He encourages me to be the best sportswoman and person I can be for myself,” she said. “I also have a mentor, Helen Wood-Bradley, who helps me.”

While bowls has had a positive effect on Dekota’s life, she sometimes finds that most weekends are prioritised with bowls, so having time to see friends and family can be hard.

Another unfortunate problem that Dekota has experienced is verbal abuse and discouragement from some other bowlers. Having said that, she wants to encourage any young bowlers to be kind to themselves, believe in their ability and themselves and play bowls because they have a passion for the game.

Finally, when asked “If you could make one wish for bowls in Australia, what would it be?” she answered, “for bowls to be better known, as not many people even know it’s a sport. I’d also like to see more opportunities for women.”