Aaron Hewson – Pine Rivers

by bqmedia on October 1, 2021

Aaron was very happy to be selected for the south team.

“It is always nice to know that you are in the minds of the selectors and it will be a great event to be involved in,” he said.

Aaron started playing bowls from the age of seven with his grandpa, Ray Jordison. He plays every Saturday and sometimes has a practice during the week.

His proudest bowls moment was winning the Australian Open fours with “some great blokes from NSW”.

“I’d love to have a game for Queensland in the open grade one day,” Aaron said.

Aaron’s bowls hero is his grandpa. “He coached me all through my junior years, and his advice and opinions were always valued (even if they weren’t always right!). He was a great man who I always looked up to.”

“My dad Ashley Hewson, Peter Worth and Alan Horne were probably some of the biggest influences on me when playing bowls apart from my grandpa.”

When asked if he had any advice for new bowlers, Aaron replied with a comment for all bowler, not only new bowlers.

“Play the game to have fun, the competitive side takes care of itself. If you’re not having fun, you are playing the wrong game.”

Aaron would like to see bowls become more mainstream and says that bowls still has a lot of the ‘old guy’ stigma attached to it.

“Great initiatives like the BPL and UBC are showing more and more people what an exciting sport bowls can be.”