Alexis Foot – Mackay Northern Beaches

by bqmedia on October 1, 2021

“It means a lot to be selected for this series; it is going to be a great experience for me to play with such a high calibre of bowlers,” Alexis said. Alexis started playing bowls eight years ago, after her mum and dad started playing when she was 15.

“I didn’t have a licence then and I would be at home most weekends by myself while they were playing, so I thought if you can’t beat them, join them!” she laughs. “I was hooked from day one.”

Even though Alexis works full time, she still makes time to hit the green on weekends and practises for a couple of afternoons after work each week.

Her biggest achievement was winning the Mackay and District Champion of Champion B Grade singles when she was 17. Her next goal is to win the A singles at her club, Northern Beaches.

She enjoys watching Chloe Stewart play but she also has two mentors.

“My two biggest mentors have been my dad Paul Foot, he has coached me from day one and Sue Hunter, who I have been delighted to play competition bowls with for the past two years.“

She’d like to tell prospective bowlers to not knock bowls before they try it.

“I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed playing bowls when I first started. I wish that more younger people would give the sport a go in my district.”