Umpire accreditation Bowen L-R: Michael Loughhead, Steve Roome, Tracy Roach, Helen Jacobson, Gus Mondroe & Terrie Crozier Absent: Jill Bridon

Umpiring at Bowen and Wangaratta Clubs

by bqmedia on November 11, 2021

By Terrie Crozier and Michael Loughhead

Five candidates each from Bowen Bowls Club and Wangaratta Bowls Club successfully completed an umpire’s course showing competencies in the three units of marking, measuring and umpiring.

The course presented by national umpires, Michael Loughhead and Terrie Crozier, proved to be an eye opener for all 10 candidates who, by their own admission, knew very little about the technical aspects of the game prior to the commencement of the course. Of particular interest was the marking aspect, in which participants freely admitted that it would help improve their singles game.

The technical aspects of the game proved a little more difficult, especially when it came to using the correct terminology. On completion of the course, candidates were offered and accepted further training in the laws of the game.

On Sunday, 21st November, Allan Leverton will be conducting an introduction to laser measuring at Cutheringa Bowls Club, Townsville.

Umpire accreditation Wangaratta L-R: Michael Loughhead, Linda Tickle, Robyn Stitt, Penny Warren, Denise Wallace & Terrie Crozie