L-R: Kerrie & Jannah Dymnycz, Wendy Wilson & Lauren Carpenter, Meryl & Pam Row

Hamilton Bowls Club’s mother & daughter teams

by bqmedia on November 16, 2021

By Wendy Wilson

It’s a rare thing to have three mother and daughter teams all in the one club, but Hamilton Bowls Club in Brisbane has just that. These mother and daughter teams enjoy bowling together.


Kerrie and her husband started playing bowls at Lyndon Bowls Club in the early 2000s and both moved to Darra Cementco BC in 2011. Jannah’s sister got a job behind the bar there but had a migraine for her first shift in March 2012 and Jannah went in to fill in for her. Three hours into the shift the president realised she wasn’t the person they’d hired! The club offered her a job too and by September she was out on the green. They only had a handful of women at Darra Cementco in 2015, but they had enough for a pennant side and won their first Div 1 flag undefeated. Playing at Hamilton is the second time Kerrie and Jannah have had the opportunity to be part of a foundation ladies’ team. Their favourite achievement together was playing in the $20,000 Weipa Ladies Classic Pairs and being runners-up in the 2019 tournament.


Lauren started bowling in 2008 at Tweed Heads after playing in a family barefoot bowls day. Her brother, Brendan, joined the club six months later. The only available time they had outside of school was on weekends and they had no one to skip for them, plus there weren’t many juniors at the club at that time. Lauren approached a coach, Jenny, at the club and asked for coaching help. She was still playing competitive TenPin bowls at the time so was used to a 13kg ball and sending it down the lane at 30km/h. The transition to a small, lightweight lawn bowl was a huge adjustment.

Wendy joined Tweed Heads in 2009 and Lauren and Wendy won their first B grade champions pairs together in 2010. They were both selected to represent the GCTDBA district in 2015 and won their first Division 1 flag at the Queensland district sides. Lauren has been an U18, U25 and Open Side state player, as well as a State representative in 2016. She was recently selected to represent Queensland again in the new Over-40s team. Lauren married (fellow bowler) Jason Carpenter from Pine Rivers and has lived in QLD for the past 5 years. Lauren & Wendy both joined Hamilton this year as they both now live in Brisbane. Both mother and daughter said that it was very special to be bowing together again.


The family started playing social bowls at Alligator Creek Bowls Club south of Townsville in 1999. Alligator Creek wasn’t an affiliated club at that time, so they had to join Giru Bowls Club, where Pam & Meryl won a club pairs tournament. The mother and daughter pair moved to Suburban Bowls Club in Townsville City and won yet another club championship pairs. After moving to Brisbane, they joined Hamilton Bowls Club where they said they are both having a having a ball playing together again.