Entering clubs after 17 December 2021 – you must be double-vaccinated

by jgrey on December 15, 2021

Bowls Queensland have been fielding many questions regarding the Queensland Government’s announcement of the need to be double vaccinated for COVID-19 to enter clubs from 17 December 2021. (The above date and conditions of entry to clubs has not changed as has the border re-opening date). 

The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced in a media conference on Tuesday 9th November that patrons entering a club who are 16 years of age and older will be required to be doubled vaccinated against COVID-19 from December 17. DPC7976-Vaccine-status-plan.pdf (covid19.qld.gov.au) 

The latest information regarding this directive can be found at the link below, this includes the following Q&A from QLD Government: If I am unvaccinated, can I go into a restaurant attached to a sporting club? No. If a club has both sporting facilities and restaurant/bar facilities, unvaccinated people can only access the sporting or exercise facilities. For example, if an unvaccinated person attends a golf club, they can play a round of golf, but not enter the clubhouse for a meal. Clubs and other venues can also self-impose rules. For example, a golf club may also choose to deny an unvaccinated person admission to play golf. 


Currently Bowls QLD are waiting for the official Public Health Direction to be published by the QLD Government. 

The Board of Bowls QLD favours the need to be double vaccinated to play the sport of bowls in QLD. 

Ultimately it is the decision of each club to implement rules to allow or not allow unvaccinated persons access to outside greens. 

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Brett Wilkie 



Update From QLD Sport and Recreation Department on 16 December 2021

Dear sport and recreation colleagues
This email contains a lot of information however it’s important you read it carefully following recent Queensland Government announcements regarding COVID restrictions for Queensland.

To support the industry through this time, we have prepared a resource which provides:

  • an overview of the restrictions linked with vaccination status;
  • an overview of the Queensland Border restrictions;
  • changes to requirements for close and casual contacts; and
  • helpful resources and links to the relevant Public Health Directions and where you can go for further support.

The specific details are outlined in the Public Health Directions, and we would encourage you to read these to gain a better understanding of the intent behind these restrictions.

While this is a lot of information, we want to assure you that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still participate in many sport, active recreation, and fitness activities including indoor and outdoor events.

There are however some aspects of our industry that are impacted by the restrictions whereby vaccination is a requirement of entry:

  • Bowling alleys captured as indoor entertainment venues
  • Major Stadiums with more than 5000 patrons
  • High risk settings including education settings
  • Commercial recreation organisations operating tourism experiences
  • Hospitality venues such as café, clubs, restaurants and bars (licensed areas) that form a part of indoor sport centres, community halls and clubhouses.

Whilst the Public Health and Social Measures Direction has been released, we understand your organisation may still have questions as to how these requirements relate directly to your specific activity. The Department is currently seeking further clarity on several issues including venues where licensed and hospitality areas are not standalone areas, or a facility that could also be considered an indoor entertainment venue.

Please know that the sport, recreation and fitness industry is one of many industries working with Queensland Health to gain a clearer picture of COVID-19 restrictions moving forward. We thank you in advance for your patience.   

Businesses, venues and organisations can self-impose entry requirements however this is a business decision. Whether your organisation makes this choice, or you are required to do so under the Public Health and Social Measures Direction, the onus is on the person entering to show proof of their vaccination status. You are not expected to act as the police and if a person is refusing to comply, you can call the police for assistance.

With the relaxation of the Queensland border, increased numbers of COVID positive cases are expected in Queensland. Local Public Health Units (PHU) across Queensland will support your organisation should you be issued a contact tracing alert. The local PHU will conduct a risk assessment to determine what level of local response is required and work closely with you to develop the safest management plan for your organisation and the community.

From 1 January 2022 there will be changes to what you need to do when you come into contact with a COVID-19 case. The Queensland Government has developed guidance material to help organisations plan and manage situations where COVID-19 positive people have been at their venue. I encourage you to keep an eye on the advice and resources available over the holiday period.

If you require immediate assistance or advice, you can contact 13 42 68 for COVID-19 related enquiries.  Alternatively, you can email the Sport and Recreation Team via email at sr.covid19@dtis.qld.gov.au who are available Monday to Friday for assistance.  Your State Level Organisation can also provide advice specific to your activity. 

On behalf of Sport and Recreation, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you’ve done to date. We know this has been another difficult year, but your commitment to keeping the Queensland community safe is certainly recognised.


Andrew Sly
Assistant Director-General
Sport and Recreation

Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport


Update from Office of Liquor and Gaming QLD re Masks on 17 December 2021

A new mask mandate will take effect from 1am on Saturday 18 December. The mandate will mainly affect places where the unvaccinated are mixing with the vaccinated.

Patrons don’t need to wear masks in cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants — just retail venues, hospitals and aged care, on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and in airports/planes. 

As licensed venues are now for vaccinated patrons and staff only, mask wearing is not required, but recommended. 

Masks help slow the spread of the virus and with the number of interstate visitors increasing daily we can expect a rise in COVID-19 cases and community transmission across the state.  

Thank you for all your ongoing support to help in the fight against COVID-19.