by bqmedia on February 11, 2022

By Rodney Jones

I think we can say that the 2021 Come & Try Day was extremely successful for the Gin Gin Bowls Club (GGBC), with more than 70 adults, children and bowlers attending. Gin Gin Primary School advertised the C&T Day an event for fathers and their children, who made up the biggest contingent of people attending.

It was disappointing a few more of our bowlers didn’t attend, as it was difficult to efficiently supervise the day with so many young children in attendance. Once again, the same few club members did everything, and so are to be thanked for making the day a success.

We could have done better with catering. The free sausage sizzle with an allocation of only one sausage per person may have been a deterrent for some club members to participate. In addition, we could have catered more specifically for the large number of children who attended, maybe having options such as ice cream/soft drink.

Regarding attracting new members, a couple of older adults expressed an interest in joining the club, but I am not sure if they followed through. It might be a good idea to have some sort of record of contact details for people who show an interest in joining.

I’m not sure if we picked up any new members directly from the Come & Try Day, but children who attended the day seemed like seasoned players when they came to the club with the school for sport (bowls) soon after; surely an indication of success on the Come & Try Day.

There has been a suggestion that the club should approach Burnett Bowls Club to borrow their trailer which has promotional material and practical coaching aids for junior bowlers. This trailer could be well-utilised for school visits to the club, and on the Come & Try Day.

Bowls Qld assistance in promoting the day was spot on. Gin Gin BC did well to utilise the resources supplied by Bowls Qld. The letterbox drop (one two weeks before and another one week before the event) and flyers around town attracted attention. Gin Gin Primary School Principal, Adam Fritz, was a great supporter. The club should have followed up more with Gin Gin High School as it includes bowls as part of the school sports curriculum.

Feedback from the C&T Day, and the high level of interest raised in the community, suggests that we should certainly hold the Come & Try Day again in 2022.