Peter Horsburgh

Friday fun at Goosies

by bqmedia on March 22, 2022

By Tony Allsop

Friday is big money day at North Mackay Bowls Club, now known as Goosies. The competition is a mixed pairs three bowl event, with first prize of $150 for winners, then down the line. A card is drawn from the field for one team member to have a crack at the ‘Kitty Toucher’ where the mat is placed at one end and the jack placed on the T at the other end.

The prize money is $500, and the kitty and bowl must remain in play and not in the ditch. If the player does touch the kitty, then his partner gets a chance to also win another $500.

This happened last weekend when for the first time in our club’s history of this day, two players both touched the kitty, with both bowls just moving the kitty a few inches: the perfect draw shots.

Robby Evans and Peter Horsburgh, also won the top scoring card for another $150.

Robby Evans