Back L-R: Christina Pavlov, Todd Brain, Sam Collier, Travis Pearce, Kane Nelson, Corinne Stallan, Sophie Allan, Dekota Brindle, Sophie Keipe, Chloe Runge, Lacey Gerick, Cody Gerick, Brad Harris, Gary Costigan. Front L-R: Lynsey Clarke, Jack Chirgwin, Wyatt Martin, Oliver Corken, Hayden Oster, Corey Marshall, Keira Powell, Mia Haylock, Stella Palmer, Holly Anderson, Alan Thorp, Wendy Wilson

2022 Junior State Camp

by bqmedia on May 2, 2022

The following juniors (10 girls & 10 boys) were invited to attend a training camp on April 5-6 at Club Chermside:

Girls: Stella Palmer (Roma), Chloe Runge (Glasshouse Mountains), Dekota Brindle (Darra Cementco), Sophie Kiepe (Club Helensvale), Sophie Allan (Club Helensvale), Holly Anderson (Cunnamulla), Mia Haylock (Roma), Lacey Gerick (Club Kawana), Corinne Stallan (Cooktown) and Keira Powell (Tweed Heads).

Boys: Kane Nelson (Belmont Services), Cody Gerick (Club Kawana), Travis Pearce (Kenilworth), Sam Collier (Broadbeach), Oliver Corken (Thuringowa City), Hayden Oster (Kandanga), Jack Chirgwin (Glasshouse Country), Todd Brain (Cunnamulla), Wyatt Martin (Gayndah) and Corey Marshall (Club Helensvale).

Selectors will be announcing a Junior Squad to represent Queensland in the U18 QLD vs NSW Test Series to be held in August.

The training camp covered theoretical and practical sessions, including drills, shot selection simulations, strategies and tactics, team play and more. One of the highlights was Lynsey Clarke’s presentation on “From Junior to Jackaroo”. The juniors were also taught how to prepare their body and mind for competition, the year before, the month before, the week before and on game day. This preparation covered items such as:

• nutrition

• hydration

• setting goals

• fitness

• training

• mental preparation.

Lynsey Clarke said it was an amazing opportunity, not only for the juniors but for others too.

“It’s great for the young boys and girls who are here to experience it, but also for the BQ coaching committee and selectors to see these kids as well.

“Usually, they only get to experience them at the Nationals or state Championships each year.

“It’s a really good opportunity and a good learning curve as well.

“Not everyone is going to get picked in the next team, but hopefully they are all going to learn a little bit from this.

“It’s the second year we have done it now and I just think it is getting better and better each time.

“We have had some amazing facilitators running the show as well, which is making it very enjoyable.”

Attending the camp was Kerry Green BQ Board, Christina Pavlov BQ Selection Coordinator, Lynsey Clarke BA Pathways Coach, Alan Thorp BQ Coaching Coordinator, Brad Harris BQ Selection Committee, Wendy Wilson BQ Selection Committee, Gary Costigan BQ Selection Committee, Tilly Orero Msc (Nutrition) Presenter, Mal Mackney BQ Coaching Committee – Observer, Dennis O’Toole BQ Coaching Committee – Observer Assist 40BT, Sue O’Toole – Observer Assist 40BT, Bill Tunbridge – Observer Assist 40BT, Rod Curtis Assist – Observer Assist 40BT.

Lynsey said that she wanted up-and-coming bowlers to recognise that small steps would help them achieve their goals.

“I was exactly where they are, many moons ago, I was there; you don’t have to set big goals.

“When I was a Queensland junior, I had never dreamed of being an Australian representative for 20 years and travelling the world and winning all this great stuff.

“It was just about having fun, really enjoying what we do, making really good friendships, I’m still mates with my friends and teammates from 1998, that’s a really special thing, I think.

“Work hard, love what you do, be coachable and open to listening to people who have been there before.”

Christina Pavlov, Lynsey Clarke & Alan Thorp