Men's State Triples Winners Chris Le Lievre, Nick Cahill & Aron Sherriff with sponsor Nic Fisher (left)

Announcing the new Triples State Champions!

by jgrey on May 13, 2022

Congratulations to the new Triples Champions for 2022!

Gold medal winners: Aron Sherriff, Nick Cahill & Chris Le Lievre (men); Sue Brady, Teresa McAlary & Dareyle Hester (women)

Silver medal winners: Dale McWhinney-Shillington, Ryan Burnett & Dean McWhinney (men); Maree Gibbs, Adele Pershouse & Pauline Laverty (women)

Bronze medal winners: John Balzarolo, Scott Franklin & Crawford Linton (men); Pamela Rowe, Jannah Dymnycz & Jacinta Weier (women)

With 44 men’s and 27 women’s teams lining up for the 2022 Triples State Championship on day 1 (Thursday, 12 May) during bleak weather, it was always going to be a tough competition.

Three rounds of sectional play were conducted at Club Musgrave by the women on day 1 and at Broadbeach by the men. In the women, winners of six of the seven sections went through to the quarter finals on day 2, while Jacinta Weir’s team with Pamela Rowe and Jannah Dymnycz went straight through to the semi-finals. In the men, winners of sections one to five claimed their spot in the quarter-finals, while winners of sections six to 11 played post-sectional games to claim the three remaining quarter-final spots.

Click here to see women’s sectional results (day 1)

Click here to see sectional and post-sectional men’s results (day 1)

Making it through to the quarter-finals (women) were:

-Suzanne Kington, Debra Handley, Jenny Hearn vs Bronwyn Torrens, Annica McGill, Dianne Viterale

-Maree Gibbs, Adele Pershouse, Pauline Laverty vs Bolivia Millerick, Jessie Cottell, Karen Goldsworthy

-Gail Watai, Vikki Grenot, Cheryl Heaps vs Sue Brady, Tessa McAlary, Dareyle Hester

Making it through to the quarter-finals (men):

-Robert Cresswell, David Pearson, Ted Read vs Aron Sherriff, Nick Cahill, Chris Le Lievre

-Jacob Nelson, Kane Nelson, Jake Rynne vs Des Cann Jr, Cohen Litfin, Kepler Wessels

-Ryan Burnett, Dale McWhinney-Shillington, Dean McWhinney vs Sean Ingham, Jamie Anderson, Steven Tong

-Scott Franklin, Crawford Linton, John Balzarolo vs Sean Baker, John Newell, Damien McGee

It was another blustery and rainy day on the coast on day 2 (Friday, 13 May) that greeted bowlers and spectators for what was sure to produce some great action.  These players did not disappoint, with the quality and standard of bowls played first-class despite the conditions.

Semi-finals Women

-Jacinta Weier (sk) vs Sue Brady (sk)

-Suzanne Kington (sk) vs Maree Gibbs (sk)

Semi-finals Men

-Aron Sherriff (sk) vs Des Cann Jnr (sk)

-Ryan Burnett (sk) vs Scott Franklin (sk)

The sides progressed steadily through the rounds during the semi-finals, with Sherriff and Cann’s game being steady for the first few ends, until Cann’s team took a 3 pushing them into a slight lead over Sherriff’s team 5-4. Sherriff wasn’t having any of that and hit back on end 6 with a 3. After that, it was a solid climb for Sherriff with Cann remaining on 5 until the 13th end and gaining a few shots over the next four ends. Sherriff continued with steady increases until the 16th end when his team claimed 5, pushing the score to 24-8. Cann fought back, claiming a 2, a 1 and then another 2, but by this time Sherriff had sealed the game with a 26-11 win.

Burnett and Franklin’s game unfolded in a similar way, with the teams being relatively evenly matched until the 4th end. Burnett started scoring consistently from then and got a taste for the win, pushing through to a 23-6 win over Franklin.

In the women, the Gibbs team was on a roll after an evenly matched start but then started claiming more shots over Kington’s team until they consistently remained ahead by 10, finishing with a 20-10 result to Gibbs.

The Brady/Weir match was a close call throughout, although it looked to be in Weier’s favour for the first 5 ends with Weier in the lead 6-2. Brady’s team rallied and claimed 5 shots in the 6th end which led to a seesaw of scoring right until the 22nd end when it was 19-all. Brady’s team dug deep and took 5 more shots in the last 3 ends, winning with 24-19.

Through to the Gold Medal women’s finals the combination of Maree Gibbs, Adele Pershouse and Pauline Laverty was edged out by Sue Brady, Tessa McAlary and Dareyle Hester in a close encounter, starting off with a bang then maintaining their lead until the 14th end when Gibbs started to climb and by the 16th end was at 13-10 in Gibbs’ favour. Brady’s team retaliated with a 6 in the 18th end and the game changed again. Gibbs fought hard but Brady’s team came out tops winning 22-19.

Ryan Burnett’s team with Dean McWhinney and Dale McWhinney-Shillington had to fight hard against Aron Sherriff, Nick Cahill (newly crowned State Mixed Pairs champion) and Chris Le Lievre. Sherriff and Cahill, with Le Lievre, were determined to defend their title from last year. They weren’t giving up easily and quickly stamped their authority on the game, snapping up 7 shots in the first 7 ends to Burnett’s 2. Sherriff’s team continued to play on all cylinders, leading by a solid margin until they won at 23-14.

The women’s bronze medal match between Jacinta Weir’s team and Suzanne Kington’s team was close too, ending with a result of 22-20 to Jacinta Weir, Pamela Rowe and Jannah Dymnycz and fourth place going to Suzanne Kington, Debra Handley and Jenny Hearn.

In the men’s bronze medal match, Scott Franklin with Crawford Linton and John Balzarolo (silver medal winner in the mixed pairs) defeated Des Cann Jnr’s team with Cohen Litfin and Kepler Wessels with a tidy 27-12.

Day 2 Women’s Triples Post Sectional Results (Friday 13 May)

Day 2 Men’s Triples Post Sectional Results (Friday 13 May)

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